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niąues de Hainaut” to Philip the Good. Jan de Croy, who was a protector
of Jean Wauąuelin — the translator was recognized as well as Antoine
de Croy who patronized the completion of a luxury volume for Duke.
This event took place in the years 1446 - 1448. A few years later Jean de
Croy became the bailły of Hainaut (in 1453), the region which history was
decited in the Chroniąues.

R. H. Wilensky had studied the scene on the illustrious miniaturę ms.
9442 in Brussels’ library and he postulated that a mail on a miniaturę
was the same person as a man portrayed by Jan van Eyck.49

The age of a model stays in agreement with the age of a person whom
W. H. J. Weale described as of “about 45 years of age”,50 when Jean de
Croy, born in 1395,51 in 1432 should be of about 38 years old. So we woulcl
have to do with Jean de Croy, seigneur de la Tour sur Marne, Cornte de
Chimay, born in 1395, died in 1472, the advisor and the Chamberlain of
Duke of Burgundy. Jean de Croy governed successively, different lands
and he was also a bailly of Hainaut, and one of the commanders of Philip
the Good’s army. De Croy got famę in the years 1430 - 1432 during the
fights with rebels who had been raising again despite the great defeat
in 1408 at Othey. He was a younger brother of Antoine de Croy, seigneur
de Renty. Their father Jean de Croy married to Margaret de Craon was
the conąueror of Leodians at Othey.52

Jean de Croy, jr., as a knight of the Golden Fleece adopted the device
Souvienne Vous! analogically to Souvenance — of his elder brother An-
toine.53 LEAL SOWENIR appears to be a form preserved from the early

49 Wilensky, op. cit., vol. I, p. 25: “The sitters for the Timotheos by Jan van
Eyck may be some other member of Philip the Good’s establishment, perhaps his
librarian, as we see him again, I think, standing behind a kneeling scribe in the
frontispiece of a Burgundian manuscript, the “Chroniąues de Hainaut”, which depicts
the Duke receiying a new book [...].

s° W. H. J. Weale, Hubert and John van Eyck, their Life and Work, London
1908, p. 108.

51 La Toison d’Or, op. cit., p. 35 item 23.

32 Loredan Larchey, Ancien memoriał eąuestre de la Toison d’or el de l‘Euro-
pę au 15e siecle, Paris 1890, p. 36: Jean de Croy, seigneur de la Tour sur Marne,
a Bruges 1429 [...] Conseiller et chambellan de Bourgogne, premier gouverneur du
ciuchć de Luxembourg (1443), qu’il sut defendre contrę le duc Guillaume de Saxe,
grand bailly du Hainaut (1453) [...] il mourut a Valencienne en 1472 [. ..] sa devisa
etait: „Souvienne vous” — C’etait le frere cadet d’Antoine. Leur pere Jean de Croy,
seigneur de Renty, Chambellan du duc de Bourgogne, avait epouse Margurite de

63 Devices of de Croy brothers published by: Le baron de Reiffenberg,
Histoire de l’ordre de la Toison d’Or depuis son institution jusqu’a la cassation des
chapitres generau;r, Bruxelles 1830 p. 3.

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