Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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X. —Marble slab in same position. Height, 0.82 m.; breadth,
0.475 m.; thickness, 0.33 m.; height of letters, 0.03 m.

AP.AAoAflPoZ 'A7r[o]XXoSwpo5

XI. —Marble slab in same position. Height, 0.87 m.; breadth,
0.5 m.; thickness, 0.34 m.; height of letters, 0.04 m.

0 E 0 * A r1 I / &]eo<\>dvi[a

The name is new, though the corresponding masculine name (Attic
®eo<pdvw<;) is common. The Attic equivalent would be ®eo^>dveia
(Meister, Die griech. Dialckte, i, p. 229), like 'Apiarocfidveia, etc.

XII. —Marble slab in same position. Height, 0.8 m.; breadth,
0.45 m.; thickness, 0.34 m.; height of letters, 0.03 m.

A T T I Z I A 2 ' Ay[e~\uria<;

XIII. —Basis of blue limestone, in the ruined church 'Ayla
KvptuKij (or "A7to? 'HXt'a?, as the name was given by some). At
the top there is a cornice, on which the inscription is cut. The upper
right-hand corner has been broken off, but the breadth can be easily
obtained from the back. Height of basis, 1 m.; original breadth at
top, 0.455 m.; height of letters, 0.03 m.

AEYZIAZAZKA Aev^ia<; ,Aa-k\\_airt,u kt)

O Y r I H Ovyiv

" Deuxias to Asklepios and Hygieia."

Although this stone was found lying on its face under a considerable
accumulation of rubbish, it had been seen a few years before, and e
squeeze of the inscription had been submitted to M. Foucart. See
the Bulletin de correspondance helldnique, vin (1884), p. 401, No. 2.
M. Foucart's reading and note are as follows :

O Y r 1 H

La pierre est brisee a droite; Ci gauche l'inscription parait com-
plete, les deux premieres lettres ne so7it pas tres-distinctes. Aetata?
■^-<JK\a\jjrLo?)U)pw] Ov^It). Dedicace dla deesse Hygia. Les lettres qui
terminent la premilre ligne se priteraient d la restitution'ActkKo^jtlVo].
Asklepios est souvent associe d Hygia, mais dans ce cos les noms des
deux divinites seraient rapproches. Ouyiv etant isole d la seconde ligne,
je croisplutot que'Aa-/c\a est le commencement du nom duplre de celui qui
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