Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 5.1886-1890

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a fait la consecration. On this Meister remarks (Collitz, Sammlung,
747") : Aetata?, mir unverstandlich ; etwa [M]i£ta? oder Aefi'a??

Our reading of the first name may be taken as certain, although
we found the third and fourth letters not easy to make out, owing
partly to the presence in their places of accidental marks which bear
a delusive resemblance to the letters Q.A. Aetata? is the regular
Boiotian equivalent of Zev^to.?.

As for the restitution of the first line, five letters following A (at
the edge of which the break at present begins) would leave as much
uncut space at the end of the line as at the beginning, while seven
letters would extend to the edge. M. Foucart's restoration gives eight
letters. A shorter name might be substituted, as 'ActK\.airix<>> or
' Acnckairwvo?. But, considering the extreme rarity of dedications to
Hygieia alone2 and the frequency with which, in joint dedications, the
names of the two divinities stand in different lines,3 we have preferred
without hesitation the restoration given above.

XIV.—R. Stone slab in same church. Height, 0.9 m • breadth,
0.49 m.; thickness, 0.21 m. • height of letters, 0.04 m.

XV.—R. Rough stone basis with rectangular hole in the top;
found in same church. Height, 0.99 m; breadth, 0.44 m.; thickness,
0.24 m; height of letters, 0.025 m.

The stone is badly defaced, and only so much could be made out.
It is perhaps a dedication to Artemis. Two dedications to that
goddess, published by M. Fotjcart in the Bulletin (viii, 1884, pp.
401-2, Nos. 3, 4), are in this same church.

5 We can cite only CIA, m, 185, and Baunack, Siudien, I, 1, Inschriften aus Epi-
dauros, No. 40.

'See, for example, CIG, m, 2390, 2396, 2428, 2429 b; CIA, II, 1504; m, 132 b,
c, d, e, f, i, 181 a, 183.


fi N 05

F. B. Tarbell,
J. C. Rolfe.
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