Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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undertaking should for the present at any rate cease, in order to enable the
School to commence Operations in Crete. Although a certain proportion of
the site is still to explore, it is probable that the most important part of the
city has been completely cleared, and while it is to by hoped that the whole
may some day be finished, there is no reason why the results recorded in
this volume should not be regarded (so far as they go) as final.

Düring the twelve days' excavation of the first season, I had only tiine
to start the work and to visit it again at the end, Mr. Duncan Mackenzie
being placed in charge; after the close, Messrs. Charles Clark, the School
architect, and R. C. Bosanquet revisited the site in order to make the plans
and photographs.

In 1897 I superintended the excavation during most of the time, assisted
by Messrs. Mackenzie, Edgar, and Clark, Mr. Mackenzie as before having
immediate supervision of the workmen. Messrs. Crowfoot and West were
also present during part of the time.

In 1898 Mr. Hogarth directed the work, and had the co-operation of
Mr. Mackenzie during the entire time, as well as that of Mr. Edgar and
Mr. E. B. Hoare, the architect of the year.

In 1899 Mr. Mackenzie was in independent command, with Mr. Edgar
and Mr. T. D. Atkinson (architect) as his colleagues ; Mr. Hogarth paying two
visits to the work, one in the middle and one towards the close of the

It will thus be seen that notwithstanding the change in the Directorate
of the School, the element of continuity has been permanent throughout in
the person of Mr. Mackenzie, who has been present from beginning to end,
and whose notebooks provide the principal record of the work. Mr. Edgar
was not at Phylakopi during the first season, but during the remaining
seasons was present there during most of the time, sorting and cataloguing
the pottery.

Cecil Smith.

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