Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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Imagination, an intelligible arrangement (Fig. 22). There is a door at e
in roona 25.

H 3, room 3 (Fig. 22), contains remains of a pavement of thin slabs of hard
stone of irregulär shape and the east face of the wall between rooms 2 and 3
is lined with similar slabs. In J 2 :19, we find what appears to be a complete
building consisting of a single Chamber (Fig. 23). It is a parallelogram,
measuring inside 3'40 metres by l-90 melres. The walls are '60 metre thick ;
they are built upon the rock, and remain standing to a height of about
1'15 m. No door is now visible; it may have been in the north wall, the

J 3

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FlO. 23.—Housk of Pkriod I.

greater part of which is hidden by work of a later period, or perhaps we are
dealing with foundations only. (See Fig. 59, Section WX, 19, and Section
YZ, 19).

It was interesting to investigate the remains in J 2: 11, 12, and the
temptation to reconstruct the missing portion is irresistible (Fig. 24, and
Section WX). The west wall shows a " toothing," a, indicating the existence
of a wall c. The two rooms communicated by a door b, which appears to have
been blocked at a subsequent period. Room 11 contains what appears to be
a Channel formed with masonry running alongside the wall.
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