Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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!). Red clay, whitish slip, deep brown paint.

[0. Rod clay, whitish slip, paint somewhat reddened ; inside glazed red.

11. Light brown clay, light-coloured surface, black paint; inside glazed black.

12. Light brown clay, smooth whitish surface, black paint with white accessories (much


13. Rcddish cla}' and red paint.

14. Red clay, somewhat reddened paint; inside glazed red.

15. Red clay, whitish slip, somewhat reddened paint.

16. Brown clay, white slip, black paint with white accessories.

17. Light-colourcd clay, smooth yellöwish surface, black paint. Row of Howers.

18. Light brown clay, whitish surface, black paint.

1!). Purple clay, whitish slip, purplish paint (from Well).

20. Light red clay, red paint, rather dull.

21. Red clay, smooth white surface, red paint.

22. Light red clay, rcddish white surface, brown paint, rather dull. A lid.

Iniported Mycenaean Pottery {Sed. 16).

1. Clay and paint baked red : white accessories. From a kylix.

2. Red clay, reddish white surface, black paint.

3. Reddish clay, black paint ; fragment of a filier.

4. Salt-bitten ; band of paint inside mouth.

5. Reddish clay, white slip, black paint.

(i. Claj' and paint reddened, not much lustre. Part of a monster ?

7. Salt-bitten.

8. Light-colourcd clay, yellöwish paint.

9. Purplish clay, whitish surface, red paint ; salt-bitten.

10. Salt-bitten. Conventionalized flower ?

11. Light red clay, reddish white slip, red paint. («) and (/;) are from the outside, (c) from

the inside (suhjeot obscure), and there are a few other fragments from the same vase.

12. From Well ; reddish clay, brown paint, inside glazed.

13. Reddish clay and paint, polished surface.

14. Grayish clay, black paint. Hinder part of an animal.

15. Coarse black paint, salt-bitten. Neck of bird.

16. Reddish clay, coarse black paint. Spearman?

17. Like 16.

18. Grey clay, coarse black paint. Long-necked bird.


Serien of Fiat Bowlx with Spornte (Sed, 15).

1. Romains of white slip outside ; slightly lustrous red coat inside and round top of outside.

Two pairs of inipressed dots at opposite sides of base.

2. Similar to 1. Mark along edge of base (Table of Signs, F 3, p. 179).

3. Lustrous red coat. Five impressed dots beside base.

4. Lustrous red coat.

5. Surface rather dull. Threc impressed dots on base.

(i. Reddish brown coat inside, white slip outside. Dots on base (broken).

7. Red coat inside, white slip outside. Impressed dot on edge of base.

8. Similar to 6.

!). Lustrous red coat; usual white border round outside of rim.

1i1. Coarse dark clay, nearly black ; white border round outside of rim. Impressed dot on
eaeh side of bas<.

11. Similar to 10 in fabric.

12. Light red clay with whitish surface and band of chalky white round rim. Four impressed

dots beside base.
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