Bulletin du Musée National de Varsovie — 40.1999

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8 July 1922 - 16 February 1999

Irena Jakimowicz, an eminent art historian and critic, during her whole
Professional life remained closely related to the National Museum in Warsaw
wherein she worked for over 46 years - from April 1945 to September 1991.

Irena Jakimowicz started to work at the Museum at the same time when
she returned to her art history studies at Warsaw University, which she
undertook already during the war, at the secret courses organised by the
University (1942-1944). She wrote her thesis Józef Szermentowski under the
guidance of professor Juliusz Starzyński (1951), who also supervised her
doctor’s thesis Tomasz Zieliński. Kolekcjoner i mecenas (Tomasz Zieliński.
Collector and patron, Wrocław 1973). Mrs Jakimowicz’s wide scope of
interest covered Polish art of the nineteenth century as well as modern and
contemporary art.

Since 1958 Irena Jakimowicz headed the Department of Contemporary
Prints and Drawings, which she created and became an independent curator

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