Creighton, Henry
The ruins of Gour: described, and represented in eighteen views — London, 1817

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5. A ditto of Saif ud-din, called also in Stewart's History,
Suit&n’us-sulatin, who began his reign a. h. 775, or a. d

6. A ditto of Jaldl’ud-din Muhammad Shall, who began
to reign a. h. 794, or a. d. 1392.

7- A ditto of Ahmad Shah, son of Muhammad Shah, who
commenced his reign a. h. 812, or a. d. 1409-

8. A ditto of Shahdb’ud-din Nasir Shah, who began his
reign a. h. 830, or a. d. 1426.

9. A ditto of Shams'ud-din Muzafar Shah. The date
on the coin is a. ii. 892, or a. d. 1487-

10. A ditto of Husain Shah, who began to reign a. h. 905,
or a. d. 1495.

In Stewart’s History, the names and titles of these princes
differ somewhat from those attributed to the same persons
in the above list, which were taken from the coins them-
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