Creighton, Henry
The ruins of Gour: described, and represented in eighteen views — London, 1817

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No. I.


This Minaret, or Tower, is said to have been erected by
Firoz Shah, one of the independent kings of Bengal, who
reigned at Goar, at the latter end of the fifteenth century.
It is built of stone and brick; is about ninty feet in height,
and twenty-one feet in diameter, at the base. It is hollow
within, and is furnished with a flight of stone-steps to the
cupola at the top, where there is a landing place. The late
Mr. jReuben Burrow, who visited these ruins in the year 1787,
says, in his journal, that he reduced his astronomical obser-
vations to this tower, and determined its situation to be
in 24° 53' of north latitude, and 5h 52' 13" of east longi-
tude.—See Stewart's Hist, of Bengal, p. 106.
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