Fergusson, James ; Burgess, James
The cave temples of India — London, 1880

Page: VII
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Map showing the Localities of the Oaves.

I. Sculptures from the Katak Caves.
II. Junagarh, plan of caves at Bawa Pyaras Math.

III. „ 1, two doors in cell K.; 3, column in Uparkot Hall; 4, Wall

ornament in ditto.

IV. „ Eock-cut hall in the Uparkot, plans and section.

Y. Kuda plan of Cave VI.; Karadh Cave V.; Sailarwadi, three caves.
VI. Karadh Cave XLVIII., plan and section; front of Cave V.
VII. Rail at Kuda; Buddhist symbols at Kondane, Bhaja, and Bedsa.
VIII. Kondane, plan and section of Vihara ; plan of Chaitya.
IX. Bhajaj plan of several caves and dagobas; section of Chaitya.
X. Bedsa Vihara, plan and section.
XL Karle Chaitya, plan and section.
XII. „ pillar and three capitals.

XIII. „ umbrella.

XIV. „ part of front screen and two capitals.

XV. Pitalkhora, plan and section of Chaitya; ditto of Vihara.
XVI. „ capitals in Vihara.

XVII. „ cell, plan and sections; Junnar facades at Tulja Lena and

XVIII. Junnar, plans and sections of several caves.
XIX. Nasik, plans of Caves III. and VIII.
XX. „ door of Caves III.

XXI. „ 1, pilaster in Cave III.; 2, dagoba in ditto ; pillar in Cave XV.
XXII. „ frieze in Cave III.

XXIII. „ 1, pillar at Sailarwadi; 2, do. at Bhamchandra ; 3 and 4, capitals

at Nasik, Cave VIII.

XXIV. Plan and section of Chaitya Cave XIII.
XXV. „ door of Chaitya.

XXVI. „ plans of XIV. and XV., and section of part of XIV.
XXVII. Ajanta, plan and section of Cave XII.
XXVIIL „ plans and sections of Caves X. and IX.
XXIX. „ old painting from Cave X.

XXX. „ pillar in Cave XL ; shrine door in Cave VI.
XXXI. „ Cave VII. sculptured side of antechamber.
XXXII. „ plans of Cave VI. (2 storeys).

XXXIII. „ plans of Caves XVI. and XVII.

XXXIV. „ pillar and pilaster in Cave XVI.
XXXV. „ image and pillar in Cave XVII.

XXXVI. „ section of Cave XIX.
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