Himalayan Times — 1952

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Eight Tfitmulnijuu (Time# May 11, 1052


New Delhi, May 6.

A brief oflicial announcement by
the Returning Officer at Parliament
House this afternoon declared Dr Kajen-
dra Prasad ‘‘duly elected to the office
of the President of India."

Soon after the result was offic'ally
conveyed to the President, among those
who called at Rashtrapati Bhavan to
congratulate him wero Mr Nehru and
other Ministers.

An analysis of the voting shows
that Dr Prasad won by a majority of
83.8% of the total votes polled. His
nearest rival. Prof K. T. Shah, polled
15.3% and the otiier three candidates
together received the remainder—0.0%.

Of the total Electoral College of
4,057, only 3,480 voted. Of these 2,357
supported Dr Prasad from the States
and 530 from Parliament. All the votes
cast in Jammu and Kashmir. Bhopal
and Coorg, were in his favour.

In the State Legislatures, 478
members voted for Prof Shah, nine each
for Mr L. G. Thatte and Mr Hari Ram,
and five for the fifth candidate, Mr K.
K. Chatterjee. while the respective figures
from Parliament were 83, 4,2 and nil.
Invalid ballot papers totalled 73.

As votine was computed on the
basis of proportional representation, the
totat number of votes polled by Dr Prasad
come to 507.400. On the same basis,
Prof Shah received 92,807 votes, Mr '1 ha-
tte 2,672, Mr Hari Ram 1,954 and
Mr Chatterjee 533. Invalid votes numbered

During the counting of the votes
today. Dr Prasad was represented by
Mr Pntish Chandra. Of the other four
candidates, Mr Thatte was present
throughout but the remaining three

were neither present nor represented.

Dr Prasad will be sworn in at
8-30 a.m. on May 13. There will bo a
State drive from Rashtrapathi Bhavan
to the Parliament House where the
ceremony will take place. The customary
parade of troops to mark the occasion
will not be held because of mid-sum-
mer heat.

According to official schedule, Mr
Nehru will submit the resignation of
his Cabinet to the President at 10 a.m.
on May 13. The new Cabinet will be
swron in the same evening.


Political Significance Of His Return

Kalimpong. May 5.

The Panchen Lama of Tibet arrived
at Lhasa, Tibetan Capital, after four
months overland journey from Chingai
Province-on Tibets north-eastern frontier
according to usually reliable reports
reaching hero from Lhasa. Panchen Lama
was accompanied by Chinese troops and
cavalry. His journey lias taken four
months where in normal period is three
months and delay is suggested by compe-
tent circles to one ( ) slow movement in
view of large force accompanying Panchen
Lama and (2) hostile attitude of Lhasa
public and monks of loading monasteries
on account cf severe and increasing
food shortage m Tibet.

Itinerary of Panchen Lama is as
follows: On 1(1.2*52 before crossing

formidable Tang La mountain range he
was meet by representative of Dalai
Lama and Chineee authorities in Lhasa
and ho radioed to Dalai Lama “I am
grateful to you for sending food and
transport for me at distance one thousand
Chinese li or miles (approximately 500
miles).” On 19.3.52 Panchen Lama after
(roseing the Tang La was met by

( f 'nit n't u. d ,,ii ;></ r D)
loading ...