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Never was morning more beautiful than that in which we
prepared to leave the harbor of the Golden Horn, at Constan-
tinople. The thousand varied and beautiful views on all
sides, from the " valley of sweet waters," and the mosque-
crowned heights of Byaub, to Galata's tower and the gardens
of the Seraglio, left a series of pictures impressed on the
memory which will long be a source of pleasure.

The Turkish passengers crowd on board, and the cabins
are filled with the wives of the Grand Pacha, Fuchtar Effendi,
of two tails, whom the Sultan has recently appointed Governor
of Mecca. Finally, his Pacha friends crowd around in their
boats to wish him adieu. With them are some European
envoys, among whom is a Russian. What a group on this
steamer's deck ! The Pacha and his two attendants ; gentle-
men, with about forty servants ; cawasses, eunuchs, &c.;
Kurds, Tartars, with their shawled caps, Persians, Copts,
Greeks, Armenians, Jews—in fact, all the specimens of Mo-
hammedanism to be found in the Turkish Empire ; and, save
the engineer (an Englishman) I am the only Anglo-Saxon.

The Pacha's young and favorite wife, I have once seen
distinctly. She is very beautiful. He is a man of noble
presence, with the brow and features of a statesman and a