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Le Roy, David
Ruins Of Athens With Remains And Other Valuable Antiquities In Greece — London, 1759 [Cicognara, 2706]

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We cannot help acknowledging, the Public would have Iefs wanted this Work,
had Le Roy returned the Compliment paid his Countrymen by the Publifhers of
Palmyra and Balhec*

A yet farther Motive for this Publication, and that not the leaft, is the great
Opportunity given, from the Deiparity in Price, to accommodate the Students in
this Art. A Difference partly obtained by reducing the Plates to half his Num-
ber ; which yet, in the Views, from properly arranging the Subjects, with liich
Liberty as to render them truly pi&urefque, a more agreeable Afpe& is obtained,
without one (ingle Object worthy of Note, being omitted. -

Thefe Views illuftrate fuch hiftorical Remarks, as are of the mod Authenticity j
from that of the ancient City in general, to each particular Subject repre(ented.

The Plans, Elevations, Profiles, and Architectural Remarks, are attended to
with that PreciHonf: and all reduced to Englijh Meafure, which hath not been
before done, as even to correct Monf Le Roy, where either, from his own Want
of Attention, or the Inaccuracy of the Engraver, the fmall and great Meafure-
ments dhagree, as is (hewn in its proper Place.

We are indebted to Sir George Wheeler, that learned and judicious Hiftorian,
for many choice Infcriptions, proper Remarks, and hiftorical Anecdotes; and, in
the following Work claim no other Credit, but the attempting to do Service to our
Country, in reftoring, in fome Meafure, the neglecled or miftaken ftho' valuable)
Art of Archite&ure. In order to facilitate the Attainment of which, we have
laid down a general and univerfal Method .of afcertaining, with the greateft Eafe
and Accuracy, the true Proportions known to the Ancients, by Models and Mi-
nutes ; which Method, if well attended to, will greatly aflift the Defigner.

• See thofe Works in the French.