Le Roy, David
Ruins Of Athens With Remains And Other Valuable Antiquities In Greece — London, 1759 [Cicognara, 2706]

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RONTISPIECE-——A general Plan of Athens, with an Elevation of the Propyhea in its
-Original State.


.Plats. ' '

. i. The Temple of Pola in Iftria.—Stadium, and Bridge over the River Iliflus.

2. The Temple of Thefeus, and the Theatre of Athens. .

,3. Temple of Minerva, with Hadrian's Aqueduct.-

,4-. . ^anthorn of Demofthenes, and Port of Phalarea.

5.. Ancient Temple at Mount Laurium, and Monument of Philopappus.

6. Temple of Jupiter Olympius.

7. Pantheon of Hadrian, with the Turkifh Burying Place.

8. Temple of Minerva Suniade.

j). Temple of Auguftus and Erictheus.

.1.0. Temple of .Corinth, and. Tower of the Winds.

jl 1. The Propyls, and Monument of Thrafyllus.

.12. Odeum, with the Arch of Thefeus, or Adrian,

Civil Architecture.


13. Plan, Elevation, Profile, &c...of the Temple of Pola in Iftria.

1%. Ditto of the Temple of Thefeus.

15. Ditto of the Temple of Minerva.

16. The Parts of Ditto at large.

17. Plan, Elevation, Section, &c. of Demofthenes's Lanthorn.
1,8. Ditto of the Temple of Jupiter Olympius.

19. Ditto of Hadrian's Pantheon, with Capitals found at Delos.

20. Elevations of the Temple of Auguftus, and Arch of Thefeus.
2'r. Ditto of Eridheus.

.22. Plan of Ditto, with the Veftibule, fupported by Caryatides, the Entablature and Cieling.

.23. A Capital of Ditto, with Directions how to draw it.

.24. Plan, Elevation, Section, &c. of the Tower of the Winds.

25. Plans of the Temple at Corinth and Mount Laurium, with three Doric Columns, /hewing the

Similitude between thofe of Corinth, Thoricion, and Delos.
26.. Plan and Section of the Propyhea.
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