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The general description of the temple of Deir el Bahari will appear in
yearly numbers, each containing from twenty to thirty Plates, with an
explanatory text.

It is obvious that all matters concerning the Temple as a whole or
such as may give rise to discussion and controversy must be deferred
to the end of the publication, when the complete results of the excavations
will be in possession of the reader. These will be the subject of a general
preface and of special chapters.

This first number is the joint work of several contributors. I have
received most valuable help in writing and revising the text from my
friend, Mr. D. G. Hogarth, of Magdalen College, Oxford. The plans and
architectural descriptions and measurements are the work of Mr. John
E. Newberry, and the plates are due to the skill of Mr. Howard Carter and
Mr. Verney Carter.

The Plates in this Part reproduce all the inscriptions and scenes in the
North-western portion of the Upper Platform. Part IT. will contain those
of the Anubis shrine and of the Northern side of the Middle Colonnade.


September, 1895