Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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The results of the ninth season of work by
a joint Polish-Syrian expedition on Tell
Arbid have contributed to the stratigraphi-
cal analyses of settlement on the site in the
3rd millennium BC. Despite evident con-
tinuity in settlement pattern between Nine-
vite 5 and Early Dynastic III cities, it is
now clear that some general changes took
place in the organization of residential
quarters. It also seems tenable to suggest

that, at least in the Early Jezirah III period,
each of the districts surrounding the center
of the town with its alleged acropolis must
have stood on its own small, separate tell.
Confirming this concept are the streets
presently discovered in Area "SD", which
sloped to the north, toward the outer
perimeter of the town. Further in-depth
studies are necessary to interpret the two
strange structures discovered in Area "SD".

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