Pendlebury, John D.
The archaeology of Crete: an introduction — London, 1939

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skalais . . Cave . . Sherds. Bosanquet, B.S.A., VIII,

235. Cave lies on N. side of
Praisos plateau.

sphoungaras . Rock shelter Sherds. Hawes, Sphoungaras, 46,

and Gournia, 56. Deposit cleared
out of the cave which lies between
Gournia and the sea.

Trapeza . . Cave . . Vases and sherds. Excavated by

writer in 1936. Cave lies 10 min.
above Tzermiadha. A.J.A., XL,
371 ; Arch. Ans., 1936, 162.
Deposit near by excavated in 1937.

tzermiadha . Cave burial At Skaphidhia, excavated by the

writer, 1937.

zakros . . Cave . Two sherds. Hogarth, B.S.A., VII,

142. Cave is in gorge above
Kato Zakros.

(b) Surface Finds

(Note : the axes may belong to the succeeding E.M.i period).

agios nikolaos Stone axe in the Candia Museum.

dia . . . Sherd from walled field above and NE. of Agia

Pelagia bay. Found by writer 1935.
gavdhos . . Sherds and obsidian from Karavi bay and Lavraka.

Levi, Art and Archaeology, 1927, 176 ff.
Kalamafka . Stone axe in the Candia Museum.
karydi 11 . . Stone axe in the Candia Museum.
homo . . . Sherds picked up by R. W. Hutchinson, 1937.
Mii.atos . . Stone axes in the Candia Museum from spots called

Dhrakona and Kountouro. Xanthoudides, 'Agy_.

Aelr., IV, IJag. 10.
MOKHOS . . Vase in peasants' hands. From Edhikte or

Anemoskia, a summit Jt hr. E. of village or

from Mouri by the lake below the latter.
panagia . . Stone axe from Kophina. Levi, Annvario, X-XII,


phrati . . Stone axe from Prophetes Elias. Ibid., 40.
vasilike . . Vase in the Candia Museum and sherd picked up

by writer from the Kephala.
xerolimne . Stone axe in the Candia Museum. This may

come from Magasa, q.v., which is not far away.
zakros . . Stone axe from Skourokcphalo by the new church

in Apano Zakros. Bought by R. W. Hutchinson,

1936, for the Candia Museum.
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