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[July 23, 1881


No. 133. Furopa ; or, " Bully for You." By Walter Ceane.
No. 135. Gay, Daughter of Sir A. B. Paget, K.C.B. By Mrs.

A. Muech. We like it niurch.

No. 143. Budley Water. Same Artist. Surely a misprint for
Puddley Water.

No. 157. Within and Without. By Miss Amy Hughes. A com-
fortable interior, and an uncomfortable exterior ; or Warm Within
and " Cold Without."

No. 159. The Roman Acrobat. By J. R. Weguelin. Give her
enough rope and hang her—in the G. G.

No*. 165. The Adversary. A small dark picture by Sir H". Paton,

B. S.A. Everyone remembers the old rhyme about the " Missionary,"
here 's another on the same plan suggested by the picture-
Once I saw a Cassowary

Tip-top swell of Timbuctoo,
Till he saw an adversary,

Who was quite a trim buck too.

No. 175. Cockle-
Gatherers. J.
Paekei, Of
course an adver-
tisement picture
for the celebrated
patent medicine
which Colonel
Buenaby tried so
successfully on
the Native Chief
during his Bide
to Khiva. Observe
the action of the
Cockle-lorurns No_ 175_ Cockle Qat]ierers_ j. Parker. Dedicated
gathering tor Pit- to j)r. Cockle and Colonel Fred. Burnaby.
lmgsgate Market.

Mr. Pabkeb had better not be proposed for any Club where the

medical element is powerful, or he is
safe to be " pilled."

No. 192. Breezy England. P. B.
Mobeis, A.B.A. It represents a rider
trying to manage two horses on a blowy
wet day. He should have called it
Horses and Bains.

No. 197. Halcyon Dale by Murmuring
Stream. J. W. Buxton Knight.
Lovely country, and a nice young lady.
What on earth has the stream got to
murmur about ?

No. 200. The Finding of Moses.
Mrs. Kate Gaedikee Hastings. In-
tended for a Law Court Cartoon. The
Finding of Moses would be a com-
panion to The Judgment of Daniel.
Moses seems to have been knocked into
a cocked hat. Moses was a great law-
giver, and yet there is only one " find-
No. 200. Finding of Moses kgof Moses " left on record. _
in a Cocked Eat. An In- No. 222. A Portrait Bust in Terra
fant Moses without any Cotta. Did it! All we can say is that
'Air-on. Mrs. Kate Gar- "after the explosion" Miss Montalba
diner Hastings. has very cleverly put the pieces to-

gether, and the result is admirable.

How well the Artist would
do a portrait of Miss Ellen
Teeey in Terry-Cotta. This
bust is reaHy life-like, and
among the very best things
in the OaUery. Such busts
ought to make a great noise
in the artistic world.

No. 238. " Mittagsschlaf-
chen.,J By AethueHughes.
Are there hues ? Bather.
"Thereby hangs a tail."
Which our Artist has

No. 257. Quite a Little No. 238. " Mettagsschlajchen; " or, the
Holiday. Last of 'the Pigtails. Arthur Hughes.

Musical.—The Parepa-Rosa Gold Medal at the Boyal Academy of
Music was awarded to the best of four candidates, Benjamin Davies.
A great deal of Preparation was necessary.


De Caevee challenged anyone to shoot him for £500 a side.

Says Mr. Archie Stuart "Wortley,
" Taken! Dr. Carver," curtly.

And then the amateur, dis-
tinguished in portrait paint-
ing and burlesque dancing,
offered to make the stakes
a thousand. Stakes are
high this weather. But Dr.
Caevee found he had an
important engagement on
the Continong, and instead of
staying to be shot, Caevee
cut. Let us hope he will
"come again" with Christ-
mas ; or, perhaps, as he's

a shooting star, he may
Shooting off a Tie. retum ^ ^ Comet>


Heee is some news that will be very distressing to Sir Wileeid
Lawson. We know that the Comet, to judge from his appearance, is
a rollicking blade who only comes out at nights, and like all his
friends he is of very roving, not to say irregular habits. But who
would have thought that he was addicted to habits of intemperance!
Such is the case, however, as we gather from the report of a French
astronomer, M. Thollon, whose investigations are communicated to
Nature. He says " The spectrum of bands furnished by the Comet,
so resembles that given by the blue spirit flame, that I consider them
identical." Blue spirit! The Comet is evidently addicted to "blue
ruin," for his spectrum is that of alcohol. After this, no respectable
person will be able to take the slightest interest in our visitor.


He 's really a most intelligent wight,
Who's looked on many a wonderful sight,
And travelled by day, and eke by night,

O'er rivers and seas and dry lands ;
But wrongly, it seems, his name we say,
And print it too in a horrible way.
He ought to be called King Kalaeaua,

This King of the Sandwich Islands.

Change for a Sovereign.

'' Teavel where you will throughout
the civilised world," remarks a Times'
writer on the Trial of the Pyx, '1 the
British sovereign is alwaj^s recognised
and willingly received whenever ten-
dered." Quite true even in the Transvaal,
although there they call the Sovereign Sandwich and Stout,
a Suzerain.

Dialogue at Derby.

" Cheese and Butter are natural foes."—Times.

Cheese. Bosh ! you're a fraud, a failure—vile and utter.
Butter. You rank impostor ! Prove it, if you please.
Cheese. You're taUow, caul-fat, everything but butter.
Butter. And you decidedly are "not the cheese."


Me. Punch announces with the greatest possible pleasure that the
contributions to this fund for assisting poor children everywhere in
London, to an " outing," amount at the time of writing (July 16) to
close upon one hundred and thirty pounds. Contributions of pence,
of shillings, and of pounds go to make up this gratifying total, and
all have been accompanied by the kindest, most generous, and most
touching expressions of real interest in this good work. Mr. Punch
begins his distribution with the very poorest and the most necessi-
tous. Immediate attention is paid to every appeal as soon as made ;
and each contribution, when the address is given, is promptly
acknowledged. Even the heat of the weather is not greater than the
generous warm-heartedness of Mr. Punch's contributors; and for
years there have not been better contributions to Punch than these

occasional notes" for the benefit of our poor London-smoked,
London-choked school children.

BE" To CoB*k»roiroiwt».—The Editor dots not hold himself bound to acknowledge, return, or pan for Contributions. In no ease can these be returned unless accompanied by a

stamped and directed envelope. Copies should be kspt.






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