Studio: international art — 5.1895

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Snow as a Subject for the Camera

"a sxow scene" (How. Mention, "Studio" Competition) by j. carpenter

the elements of the pictorial than in any other. everything else is smothered and vague, it will fail
These open subjects lend themselves especially to to harmonise with its surroundings until its clear-
broad treatment in the camera. Diffused, as ness has been by some means reduced. There are
opposed to highly defined work, is considerably the many users of the camera who have yet a good
more suggestive in any class of subject where the deal to learn in the art of judiciously turning the
lights and shades tend to mass themselves into focussing screw the wrong way, or of taking stops
separate groups, and where detail is, in the main, out of their lenses, instead of putting them in ; and
non-existent. For, in a general way, should any on few subjects may they do this more hopefully
object chance to stand out strongly defined while than on an open snow scene.


{Hon. Mention, "Studio" Competition) by t. g. hibbert
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