Studio: international art — 5.1895

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1 cm
Japanese Wood-Carving

Set No. 3.—Lesson i.—Jukyokusen.—Vertical
curves. A precisely similar lesson to the first in Set
1, save that the lines are curved instead of straight.

Lesson 2.—Okyokusen.—Horizontal curves. It
will be seen by examination that each line describes
two segments of a circle.

Lesson 3.—Enkei.—A circle. As in the two
preceding lessons, faint lines are first traced by the
compass as a guide to the carver,

Lesson 4.— Tori-Tasuki.—A curved pattern
suggestive of bird form. Simple incisions follow-
ing well-defined geometric forms.

Lesson 5.—Kumi-Kiko.—Tortoise-shell pattern.
The central portions of this design are slightly
rounded or modelled.

Lesson 6. — Kumi- Himo. — Braid pattern.
Rounded interlacing forms with triangular incisions.
A combination of preceding lessons.

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