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A New Book Illustrator

about everywhere you have
the picturesque Hampshire
cottage with its yew growing
in the little front garden—
for luck.

Going back again to the
town, there is not much to
tell you about it of historical
interest. Two miles out
there stands the noble old
mansion of Moyles Court,
once the home of Lady Alice
Lisle, whom the " infamous
Jeffries " sentenced to death
by burning for sheltering Par-
liamentarian fugitives. As is
well known, however, the
old lady was eventually be-
headed at Winchester, and
she was buried at Ellingham,
a village close to Ringwood.

The unfortunate Mon-
mouth was betrayed and
captured in the neighbour-
hood, being kept a prisoner
at the "White Hart" (an
hotel in the Ringwood mar-
ket-place) for a couple of
days on his way to London
for trial. These are the two
melancholy items recorded
as Ringwood's contribution
to English history, and I am
sure you will agree with me
they are rather painful sub-
jects to dwell upon. The ■• life in fairyland " by c. robinson
town can boast of antiquity,


as Domesday Book calls it Rinewede, " rine"
meaning a water-course. The annual fair, which is
held still, was granted by Edward II.

I give you these few details because you asked # m The sudden popularity of books illus-

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Before you leave, look up David Murray's pictures these pages, much less to endeavour to appraise

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They will give you the idea of what the Ringwood As any bookseller's counter at the present time

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Edward W. Charlton. to set forth the subjects of the text than to

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