Studio: international art — 5.1895

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Newlyn as a Sketching Ground

hot-water jug Leigh
other cases, trivial wriggling patterns were put upon
sturdy joinery. Yet many things—notably the
rather superfluous chairs, with narrow tall backs—

air. designed by g. voisey. carved by arthur
goodesham. Southwold


bowl. designed by g. voisey. carved by
william tooke. Southwold

showed distinct signs of improvement in this
respect. The importance of designing the decora-
tion for the actual object cannot be overstated; to
issue patterns suitable for half a dozen similar
purposes is to confess that they are not the ideal
decoration of any one; and no friend to the associa-
tion would be more true to its best interests than
he who pressed this point well home. It is not
given to all expert craftsmen to be conscious of
this larger quality of design that is concerned with
the proportion of masses, the symmetry of the
whole, and the right scale of certain details; here,
if anywhere, the skilled architect is most fitted to
decide, and an association which has gathered so
many capable artists around it, has only to hear
their criticism and act upon it, to redouble its influ-
ence for good, and extend its power wherever the
sense of the importance of technical education is
beginning to be realised. To make England
beautiful is a nobler purpose than many political
schemes of modern device, and if you accomplish
this end by arousing an interest in handicrafts
among all sorts and conditions of men, you also
give them a hobby for their spare time, and a not
unprofitable occupation for those periods when
their regular employment is suspended.

Dear-,—Come down and spend

a month with me at Newlyn; you will find plenty
to do, and it is not by any means so grey a place
as it is painted. Newlyn itself is bright, the colour
of everything is decidedly fresh, pure, and brilliant,
according to the day; the sea and sky effects are
charming, especially in the summer, when we get a
good deal of the Italian blue.; and the reason of
the general impression that it is a grey or dowdy •
place is, simply, because the subjects chosen and
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