Studio: international art — 5.1895

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Quebec as a Sketching Ground

4; *

here, certainly not much for
the excellent entertainment
it affords. But you were
always a sybarite, so I must
tell you that not fifty steps
from Miss Leonard's stands
a most gorgeous pile, called
the Chateau Frontenac, for-
sooth, where you can pay
about anything you please.
If you have sold well lately,
I fancy you will prefer to
take up your abode there.
Owned by the Canadian
Pacific Railway, it is run on
the most approved prin-
ciples, and is always well
patronised, they tell me.
It is supposed to look like
such a chateau as the Sieur
de Frontenac might have
built, had he been the
Canadian Pacific Railway ;
and from across the river it
is not such an awful failure,
barring its garish salmon
colour, which " swears " at
everything else in the town.
Whatever hue the other
buildings here may have
been originally doesn't
matter, they are all grey
now—green grey, blue grey,
and purple grey; greyish
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