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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

not only against their actual custodians, but also
against their true owners, the British public, whom
he would fain move to a sense of their responsibility
in the matter. The examples he gives, many of
them of exquisite beauty, were, he explains, picked
out at'hap-hazard from a vast hoard buried in tin
boxes, and characterised by the officials as "sketches
of no educational value, the waste-paper basket of
a great artist's studio." After dwelling on this
reckless waste, he sums up all that might easily be
done to remedy what is a truly disgraceful state of
things, concluding by suggesting that if no more
room is after all to be found by the nation that a
Turner Museum should be founded by private

Those who remember Mr. Walter West's de-
lightful Quaker study, A Weighty Consideration,
which was exhibited at the Old Water Colour
Society's exhibition last summer, may be interested
to learn that an excellent photogravure reproduction
of it has been published by Messrs. Headley Bros.,
of Bishopsgate Without, at the price of £i is. od.
for signed proofs, and icw. 6d. for prints.

We have received from Messrs. L. & C. Hardt-
muth an assortment of their "Koh-i-Noor" pencils.
Those manufactured by them expressly for the
use of draughtsmen range in hardness from 9 H
to 6B, and are so well known and appreciated
for their excellent qualities as to need no recom-
mendation ; while among those intended for general
use are a variety of patterns in which convenience
of carrying in the pocket has been duly considered.


" Dialog von Marsyas." Von Hermann Bahr. " Ben-

venuto Cellini." Von W. Fred. Mk. 1.25, 1.50, and

2.50 each. (Bard, Marquardt & Co., Berlin.)
" India." By Mortimer Menpes. Text by Flora Annie

Steel. 20s. net. (A. & C. Black.)
" Monograms and Ciphers." Designed and drawn by A. A.

Turbayne, assisted by other members of the Carlton

Studio. Divisions 3, 4, and 5. 5^. net each. (The

Caxton Publishing Co.)
"How to Draw in Pen and Ink." By Harry Furniss.

Illustrated, y. 6d. (Chapman & Hall.)
"The Architect's Law Reports and Review (Illustrated)."

By Arthur Crow. Legal Editor, A. F. Jenkin, Esq.

\os. net. (A. Crow.)
"The Royal Academy of Arts : a Complete Dictionary ot

Contributors and their Work from 1769 to 1904." By

Algernon Graves, F.S.A. Vol. III.: Eadie to Harraden.

42*. net. (H. Graves & Co., Ltd., and G. Bell & Sons.)
'Tuscan Folk-Lore and Sketches." By Isabella M.

Anderton. (A. Fairbairns.)

" Moderne Stickereien : Eine Auswahl Moderner Stickerei-

arbeiten in alien Techniken." Second Series. 6 marks.

(A. Koch, Darmstadt.)
" The History of American Painting." By Samuel Isham.

Illustrated. 2U. net. (Macmillan.)
" Gesammelte Reden und Aufsatze von Alfred Gotthold

Meyer." (E. Meyer, Berlin.)
"An Introduction to Old English Furniture." By W. E.

Mallett. Illustrations by H.M. Brock. 5*. (G. Newnes.)
" Mr. Ubbledejub and the House Fairies." 2s. (D. Nutt.)
"Biographic Clinics." By G. Gould, M.D. Vol. 3. $s. net.

(Rebman, Ltd.)
"Die Galerien Europas." Farbige Nachbildungen alter

Meister in 25 Heften. lift. I. 3 marks. (E. A.

Seeman, Leipzig.)
"Notes sur l'Art Japonais." By Tei-San. (Societe du

Mercure, Paris.)
" Germanische Friihkunst." Herausgegeben von Mohr-

mann und Eichwede. Ft. I. (Tauchnitz, Leipzig.)
" Die Stromung." Ornamentale Studien von Carl und Peter

Wolbrandt. (Teubner, Leipzig.)
" Das Werk Alfred Messels." Von M. Rapsilber. (Sonder-

heft der " Berliner Architekturwelt.") (E. Wasmuth,


"Original Drawings of the Dutch and Flemish School in

the Print Room of the State Museum at Amsterdam."

Part 7. 34J. (Williams & Norgate.)
" Handzeichnungen Schweizerischer MeisterdesXV.-XVIII.

Jahrhunderts." Parts 3 and 4. 10s. each. (Williams

& Norgate.)

Class A. Decorative Art.

The awards in competition A xxii, " Design for a Front-
Door Letter-Plate," are unavoidably held over until next

Class B. Pictorial Art.
B xv. Design for a Chapter Heading.

Some excellent drawings have been sent in or this
competition, but amongst them are some which are too
pictorial to be suitable for the purpose intended, partaking
rather of the character of book illustrations.

First Prize (Two Guineas) : Isca (Miss E. Larcombe,
Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter.

Second Prize (One Guinea) : Nick (H. Brockhurst,
i Bolingbroke Grove, Wandsworth Common, S.W.).

Hon. Mention : Pan (F. H. Ball): C. W. T. (C. W.
Taylor); Binating (H. H. Bik); [anet (Janet S. Oram);
Hestersum (Ernest H. R. Collings) ; Brush (Percy Lan-
caster) ; W. Xie (Winifred Christie).

Class C. Photographs from Nature.
C xvi. Portrait Study.

First Prize (One Guinea): Lilic (Ilelene Littman, 5
Frankenberggasse, Vienna IV).

Second Prize (Half-a- Guinea) : Daisy (Marcus Adams,
The Bungalow, Tokers Green, Caversham).

Hon. Mention : /frank (A. Marshall); Fortitttdine (Dr.
Barr, J,P.); Cat (F. T. Treverton) ; Cape Town (Mrs. C.
Keene); Sally (Miss I. M. Groom) ; Mona (Mme. Ren£ de
l'Arbre) ; Tudor (A. Hamilton); La Dolorosa (D. Dunlop) ;
Mitsa (Catherine Illyne).

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