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Morocco as a Winter Sketching Ground

news to many to learn that, a select committee
having been appointed to inquire and report with
respect to the unfinishéd condition of the rooms and
approaches in the Palace of Westminster, at the close
of the year 1906, the question of tapestry decora-
tions was discussed and their employment advocated
by a number of competent witnesses, e.g., Sir Edward
Poynter, P.R.A., Sir W. B. Richmond, R,A., Mr.

T. G. Jackson, R.A., Mr. Solomon Solomon, R.A.,

Professor Lethaby, Mr. John D. Batten and Mr.

Sydney Cockerell. The majority of these gentlemen
advised in particular the employment of Morris
tapestry, speaking of it in terms of unstinted praise.

What may be the upshot of it all it is premature
at present to speculate. For my own part, not
having been called upon to appear before the select
committee, I should like to take the opportunity in
these pages to declare that I cordially agree with
the testimony of the experts above-mentioned, and
that I should welcome its practical adoption by the
authorities, if it might be, with feelings of profound
pleasure and thankfulness. Aymer Vallance

Morocco as a winter


Morocco ! The Land of the Setting Sun !
The very name suggests feasts of glorious colour to
an artist’s mind. And glorious are the sunsets of
this wonderful country, where the ancient customs
and manners of bygone ages may be seen to-day
exactly as they were seen nearly three thousand
years ago.

Tangier, the first calling place, only 31 miles
from Gibraltar and Europe, presents a startling and
sudden change to the searcher after the picturesque,
especially if this should be his first taste of Eastern
life. The town is pleasantly and prettily situated
on a hillside, and from the high parts of the
Moorish quarter fine views of the distant Atlas
range of mountains are obtained. There are some
fine specimens of Moorish architecture in Tangier,
especially the mosques and other public buildings.
The Grand Sok or Great Market is a mass of good

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