Studio: international art — 55.1912

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

Recent designs in domestic


First among our illustrations of domestic
architecture on this occasion is a view of a school-
house at Arnside in Westmorland, which is now in
course of being erected from the designs of Mr.
P. Morley Horder, F.R.I.B.A., on a very fine site
facing the sea at that place, and is intended for
the occupation of the principals of a well-known
girls’ school, while also providing accommo-
dation for a certain number of resident pupils.
The place is arranged so that the school premises
are kept more or less separate from the portion
intended for the more private occupation of the
principals, and has two separate entries for this
purpose. The limestone used in the walls has been
quarried on the site, the excavated portion of which
has been used to provide large cellar accommoda-
tion under the school and kitchen wing. The
dressings to the windows are in local stone and the
chimneys are built in circular forms characteristic
of Westmorland work. For the roof, Westmorland
grey-green slates have been used, and the walls are
finished with a rough mortar dash. The ground
slopes rapidly down to the shore, and it is only
proposed to lay out the grounds in the imme-
diate vicinity of the house with a rough rubble
terrace to give a setting to the buildings.

The house at Ealing, of which a view is given on
the opposite page, has also been designed by Mr.
Morley Horder, and occupies a corner site which
drops considerably from the road. To make the
most of the site and to get an open view across the
adjoining gardens, the house has been set longways
to the site, and in order to ensure as much privacy as
possible in the gardens and a good approach from
the road, the building has been kept up to the line



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