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Studio: international art — 58.1913

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No. 241 (April 1913)
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Finberg, Alexander Joseph: Mr. J. Walter West's landscapes
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Frantz, Henri: The Rouart collection, [2]: the works of Daumier
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The Rouart Collection.— The Works of Daumier

"on the ardoch, Perthshire" (oil) by j. walter west, r.w.s.

power offinely observed tone and colour, but unless <*~T"~VHE ROUART COLLECTION : II.

the artist shows in his work an appreciation also of _THE WORKS OF DAUMIER

the subtleties and intricacy of natural forms, he

r ,, , • r i ci.- u- " * JnLJtLJNKl rKAJN 1L.
misses some of the chief beauties of his subject-
matter. As I have already indicated in my first article
At any rate I think all careful observers will on the Rouart Collection, this great art collector,
agree with me that our pleasure in landscape while possessing one of the most varied collections
painting is enhanced by evidence of the artist's of works by masters of the nineteenth century
knowledge of form and structure. It is true that which have ever been seen, had at the same time
Ruskin pushed this demand to absurd extremes decided predilections for certain artists, and occu-
when he demanded that a landscape painter pied himself in forming ensembles of works by
should devote himself to studies proper only to the them giving a most complete idea of all their varied
geologist and botanist. But between these two styles and of all their inspirations. Such was the
extremes—the ridiculous scientific claims of a case with the works of Corot, and the same applies
Ruskin and the looseness and formlessness of also to those of Honore Daumier.
much modern landscape work—there seems to me But there is even greater interest in studying
to be a middle path. All Turner's art, even his this last named master in the Rouart Collection,
later work, with all its marvels of glorious colour for it is much more rare to find a number of this
and all its looseness and suggestiveness, was based great artist's works grouped together, and also
primarily upon an untiring study of form. The because our public galleries are much less rich in
pencil throughout his long life was his favourite works by Daumier than in pictures by Corot. It
medium for sketching and note-taking. The fact must be remembered that this master, the power
that Mr. Walter West has chosen to work on the of whose work and whose talent at once so clear
same lines seems to me to account for the large and so luminous ought, one would have imagined,
measure of success he has already achieved and to to have made an immediate appeal, remained as a
promise well for his future. A. J. F. matter of fact for a long time unknown. In vain