Vergilius Maro, Publius; Maillol, Aristide
The eclogues of Vergil: in the original Latin with an English prose translation — London, 1927

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1 cm
TF;€ Eng Cisfj edition consists of six copies on veCCum, markedA to F,
of whichfive onfy arefor safe; thirty/tCree copies on imperiaCJapanese
paper, numbered I to XXXIII, of which XXVI to XXXIII are not
for safe; two hundred and twenty/five copies on hand/made paper of
pure hemp fibre andCinen, numbered i to 225, of which 201 to 225
are notfor safe* T/Fere are afso a German edition and a Erench edition.
This is copy number =5 6 2

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