The illustrated exhibitor: a tribute to the world's industrial jubilee — London, 1851

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Hayward Rubber Co., U.S., Ind. rub sh.
Holtring & Hoffken, P.rus., Ind; rub. bra.
Holtzapffel & Co:, U.K., turning' in ivory
Horan, H., U.K., prepared whalebone
Julin, N";, Belgium, shell cameos
Kehrii, Brothers, Switz., carving in wood
Lang, G., Bavaria, toys carved in wood
Laurencot, E., France, painting brushes
Leunenschloss, M., Fr., India nib. braid
Lonche-Haeze, C: L., Belgium, brushes
Loring, G.,U.S., water pails
Luzon, Spain, cigar cases
M'Gregor, J. W;, U.K., casks
Martin, J. E., Belgium, spa-wood boxes
Marshall, R., Canada, dinner mats
Massue, L. J., France, ivory combs
Maunder, J., U.K., turning in ivory
Moulton, S; C„ U.S., India rub. goods
Nickels & Co., U.K., art. in India rubber
Nicolls, Miss, Bahamas, shell work
Noel, —, sen., France, ivory combs
Pattak, G-., Austria, brushes
Philip, —-, France, tortoiseshell combs

1397 Poinsignon, —, Fr., imit. tortsh. combs

.. Pratt, J., & Co., U.S., ivory veneer
1130 Rangel, A. P., Portugal, wine cask
144 Randall, J., U.K., straw work

58 Rigby, E. R., U.K., brushes
684 Schwarz, J., Austria, mother-of-pearl orn.
161 Shaw, C, U.K., mechanical sculpture

.. Shea, Captain, China, carved co tl
55a Smith, A., U.K., painting brushes
172- Smith, T., U.K., truck baskets
265 Somze-Mahy, H., Belgium, floor-brushes
252 Staight & Sons, U.K., ivory veneer
109 Staight, T., U.K., carved ivory
152 Stevenson, J., and J., U.K., comb3
657 Tandler, S., Austria, straw flowers

47 Taylor, B., U.K., ivory tower

44 Thesen, N. P., Sweden, carving in wood

97 Tomassia, L., Austria, willow plait
393 Trancart, A. A.; Fr., tortoiseshell combs

39 Tieloar, T., U.K., mats, &c.

— Turkey, Sultan of, Turkey, horn & ivory

75 Wansborough, J., U.K., waterproof cloth
in imitation of velvet

*r ^ZctunSc Co-- U'K • man- il1 whalebone
* ™;,. e* & Co ' !,,ats of cocoa-hut fibre
1M Williams, II., U.K., ivory turning

i'H xxrr}}' J-' Switzerland, wood carving

<4t Wolf,—, France, ivory carvin°-

77 Bunnand Co., U.K., india-rubber
115 Burke, W. II., U.K., india-rubber
78b Cabirol, J. M., France, surg. app. in

gutta percha
382 Church & Co., U.S., india-rubber shoes

82 Cording, J. C, U.K., waterproof capes
r29 Dow, A., United Kingdom, brushes
502 Fauquier, L. F., France, brushes
196 Hinde, J. G., United Kingdom, brushes

72 Hodges, R. E., U.K., india-rubber
213 Isler and Otto, Switzerland, straw work
412 Misson,E.&L., Belgium, spa-wood boxes

84 Nelson and Butters, Canada, brooms
1377 Paillette, P., France, brushes

35 Pastorelli, D., Tuscany, brooms
431 Warner, It., and Co., U.S., brooms



Viscount Canning, Chairman, 10, Grosvenor-square.

— Wolowski, Deputy Chairman, France ; Professor to Museum of Arts and Sciences, Member of Cen. Jury and Legis. Assem. of France.


W. De la Eue, F.R.S., F.C.S., Reporter, Islington.
Arthur Henfrey, F.L.S.; "Vice-President of the Botanical Society.
Prof. Hofman, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S., Zollverein; Prof, of Chemistry.
J. J. Mechi, Leadenhall-street; Maker of Dressing-cases & Cutlery.
O. Schumann, Austria; Member of Council of Commerce of Vienna.

W. R. Smith, United States; Mineralogist.


D. W. Mitchell, Hanover-square; Secretary to the Zoological Society.
Prof. Owen, F.R.S., College of Surgeons ; President of Coll. of Surg.

94 Constantin, J. Marques, France, flowers
in cambric [see p. 548].

614 Milly, L. A. de, France, invention of
using lime in the man. of stearic can-
dles, and the use of boracic acid in the
preparation of wicks.


I Adamson, O. G., Brazil, feather flowers
66 Adt, Brothers, Bavaria, snuff-box in pa-

180 Ainge and Aidred, U.K., fishing tackle
750 Allard and Clay, France, fancy soaps

6 Allix, A. J., France, wax figures
177 Alvargonzalez, R., Spain, preserved fruits
39 Apollo Stearine Candle Co., Austria,

270 Archer, J. O, U.K., col. the cabinet of

Liverpool imports
402 Arnavon, H., France, Marseilles soap
666 Astrath, C, Austria, cigar tubes
1059 Aucler and Co., France, confectionery

II Audot, E. J., France, dressing case
24 Barclay and Son, U.K., wax candles

291 Bartlett, A. D., U.K., taxidermy
87 Baur, Bros., Wurtemberg, conf. ornamts.
236 Baatte, T. F., Switzerland, mechanical

26 Bauwens, L. F., U.K., fat acids recov.
from waste suds of woollen, silk, and
cotton manufactures
36 Bazin, Xavier, U.S., fancy soaps
245 246 Bert and Co., Spain, stearic candles
430 Bontems, France, mechanical birds
70 Brandon, N. D., Netherlands, candles
422, 425, 426, 428 to 433, and 438, Castello,

F., Portugal, preserved fruits
108 Cazal, France, umbrellas and parasols
1139 Chagot, sen., France, flowers in cambric
1144 Charageat, E„ France, umbrellas
121 Chevet, jun., France, preserved fruits
43 Chiozza and Son, Austria, fancy soaps
68 Claudo, J., Sardinia, walking-sticks
20 Cleaver, F. S„ U.K., toilet soaps
417 Coimbra, Nunnery, Portugal, pres. fruits
458 Colietta-Lefebvre, France, snuff-boxes
83 Comba, F., Sardinia, taxidermy
23 Conti and Son, Tuscany, soaps
19 Cowan and Sons, U.K., soaps
245 Cowper, E., U.K., models
282 Cubero, J., Spain, terra cotta figures
197 198 Dark, M. & R., U.K., cricket articles
77 Dorvell, Eliz., U.K., wax flowers
92 Douglas and Son, Hamburg, soaps
191 Duke and Son, U.K., cricket articles
1593 Dumortier and Co., France, candles
495 Duvelleroy, P., France, fans [see p. 300]
89 Edwards, T. J., U.K., dressing-cases
80 Eichner, G. L., Bavaria., mechan. toys
858 Farina, J. M., Cologne, eau de Cologne
199 Felix, A..France, fans
ISO Field, J. C, and J., U.K., stearic acid
670 Floge, G., Austria, amber for pipes
71 Foster and Co,, U.K., cambric flowers

25 Freeman, E. and J., U.K., sperm, cahd.
671 Friedrich, J., Austria, pipe bowls, &c.
492 Furstenhoff, Emma, France, artifi. flow.
842 Gaudet du Fresne, France, artifi. leaves
845 Gel'e, sen., and Co., France, toilet soaps
305a Gibbs, D. and W., U.K., soaps
13 Grossmith, J., U.K., perfumery
281a Gurtrerriez de Leon, R., Spain, terra
cotta figures
.. Hadji Miram, Turkey, amber for pipes

652 Haller, J. (Widow), & Co., Austria, toys
320 Hancock, J., U.K., taxidermy

863 Harand, E., France, cambric flowers
675 Hartmann, L., Austria, pipe bowls, &c.
4 Hauel, J., United States, toilet soaps
92 Hedinger, C, Wurtemb., walking-canes
10 Hendrie, R., UK , perfumery
439 Hoffmann, C. W., Prussia, amber
644 Hofiichter, C, Austria, snuff-boxes
.131 Holland, H., U.K., hollow metallic

frames for umbrellas
290 Hull Local Commit., U.K., Hull imports
273 Jaillon and Co., France, stearic candles
.. India Company, Hon. E. I., clay figures

[see p. 317.]
17 Johansson, J., Sweden, stearic candles
1282 Jumeau, P., France, dolls' dresses
25 Kendall and Co., U.K., toilet soaps

653 Kietaibl, F., Austria, automaton toys
8 Knight, J., United Kingdom, soaps

564 Laurent, F., France, diessing cases
1295 Lefort, sen., France, mater, for flowers
908 Lestner, G. L., France, perfumery
174 Little and Co., U.K., fishing tackle

7 Louderback, M. J., U.S., pres. peaches
125 Lumsden, Miss J., U.K., wax flowers
425 Martin, M. C, Prussia, eau de Cologne
1346 Masse and Co., Russia, stearic candles

305 Matisen and Co., Russia, stearic candles
1658 Mercier, C. V., France, snuff-boxes

86 Meyer, H. C, jun., Hamburg, canes
140 Meyers, B., U.K., collection of sticks

29 Miller, T. J., U.K., refined spermaceti
929 Milliau, jun., France, Marseilles soap

40 Milly Stearine Candle Co., Aust., candles
70 Mintorn, U.K., flowers in wax
122 Montonari, A., United Kingdom, dolls
224 Montanari, N., U.K., Mexican figures
[see p. 288]

306 Morland and Son, U.K., umbrellas

262 Motard and Co., Prussia, stearic candles
150 Muir, P;, U.K., archery weapons

.. Nairn Effendi, Turkey, pipe mouth-pieces
939 Oger, J. L. M., France, soaps
139 Ogleby and Co., U.K., candles
1374 Oudard and Co., France, preserved fruits

263 Palis, A., Prussia, tallow, oil, &c.

30 Paris Chocolate Co., U.K., chocolate

.. Pelayo, San (Oviedo), Spain, pres. fruits
952 Perrot and Co., France, cambric flowers
956 Philippe, France, preserved fruits

307 Pitansier, Russia, stearic candles
1678 Pivcr, L. T., France, toilet soaps

107 Ploucquet, H., Wurtemberg, taxidermy
[see p. 535]

83 Price's Patent Candle Company, U.K.
invention of improved methods of dis-
tilling fatty bodies, and for candles
made of distilled fat

431 Quanonne, Belgium, stearic candles
66 Randolph, W., U.K. .flowers of feathers
98 Bock and Graner,

992 Rodel and Sons, France, preserved fruits
.. Royle, J. F., India, col. of animal, vege-
table, and mineral subs, [see p. 317]

136 Sangster, W.& J , U.K., alpaca umbrellas
.. Santa Clara (Funchal), Portugal, flowers

255 Sarre, H., jun., Prussia, soaps

593 Schulz, C, Prussia, walking sticks

280 Smith, W.& A., U.K., Scotch snuff boxes

265 Sohlke, G., Prussia, tin toys

126 Spurin, E. C, U.K., toys

252 Straight and Sons, U.K., artificial ivory

364 Stier, H„ Russia, soaps

510 St. John, J. R., U.S., soap
80 Strauss, J., Sardinia, pipes
63 Strickland, Maria, U.K., wax flowers
62 Sugden and Co., U.K., flowers in cambric
5 Taylor & Co., U.K., soaps and perfumery

292 Taylor, H. P., and W. E., U.S., toilet soap

698 Tilman, France, flowers in cambric

434 Touche-Gilles, E., Belgium, oil soaps
83 Tunis, Bey of, Tunis, perfumed waters
.. Turkey, Sultan of, Turkey, pipes, &c.

436 Vancampenhoudt&Co., Belgium,candles
4 Williams and Son, U.K., soaps

204 Winterfield, J. A., Prussia, amber manuf.
82 Wittieh and Co., Wurtemberg, ivory toys

106 Wotherspoon & Co., U.K., lozenges, &c.

250 Wunder, L., Prussia, soaps

687 Zeitler, J., Austria, pipe bowls of massa

Aguilera, M. J., Spain, model of bull-fight


664 Alba, S., Austr., amber cigar mouth-pieces



Asprey, C, U.K., desks
Aubert and Noel, France, liqueurs
Austin, G., U.K., Irish bog-yew dressing
cases [seep. 144]
1123 Bagre, F'rance, canes of rams'horn

667 Beisiegel, P., Austria, amber pipe tubes
1091 Bleuze, A., France, toilet soaps
146 Boss, J. A., U.K., imp. in umbrella frames
124 Bouchet, A., U.K., toys
1112 Breteau, C, France, flowers in cambric

90 Brien, C, U.K., mould tallow candles
.. Burford, —, South Australia, soap

2 Busch, P^A., Frankfort-on-Maine, oil
78 Chisholme, E., U.K., wax flowers
158 Delacretaz and Co., France, stearic acid

91 Dixon, G., U.K., candles and soap
478 Donneaud and Co., France, stearic acid
149 Ducrot and Petit, France, fans

176 Dumeril and Co., France, clay pipes
18 Ede and Co., U.K., perfumery
75 Ewart, Henrietta, U.K., flowers in wax
21 Farina, Jean Marie, Cologne and London,
U.K., eau de cologne
426 Farina, Johanna Maria, Cologne, Prussia,
eau de cologne
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