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A D E R.

AS the principal merit of works of this kind is truth, it may not
be amifs to prefix to this, fuch an account of the manner in which
it was undertaken, and executed, as will give the publick an op-
portunity of judging what credit it deferves.

Two gentlemen, whofe curiofity had carried them more than once to
the continent, particularly to Italy, thought, that a voyage, properly con-
ducted, to the moft remarkable places of antiquity, on the coaft of the Me-
diterranean, might produce amufement and improvement to themfelves,
as well as fome advantage to the publick.

As I had already feen moft of the places they intended to vifit, they did me
the honour of communicating to me their thoughts upon that head, and I
with great pleafure accepted their kind invitation to be of fo agreeable a party.

The knowledge I had of thofe gentlemen, in different tours through
France and Italy, promifed all the fuccefs we could wifh from fuch a voyage;
their ftricl: friendfhip for one another, their love of antiquities and the
fine arts, and their being well accuftomed for feveral years to travelling,
were circumftances very requifite to our fcheme, but rarely to be met
with in two perfons, who with tafte and leifure for fuch enquiries, are
equal both to the expence and fatigue of them.

It was agreed, that a fourth perfon in Italy, whofe abilities as an archi-
tect and draftfman we were acquainted with, would be abfolutely necefTary.
We accordingly wrote to him, and fixed him for the voyage. The drawings
he made, have convinced all thofe who have feen them, that we could not
have employed any body more fit for our purpofe.

Rome was appointed for our place of rendezvous, where having pafled
the winter together, we were to proceed to Naples, and there to embark
in the fpring on board a fhip hired for us in London, and fitted out with
every thing we could think might be ufeful. All this we performed with-
out deviating from our original plan, except in a few particulars, where ac-
cidents it was impoffible to forefee, made fome alterations neceflary.

We parTed the winter together at Rome, and employed moft of that time
in refrefhing our memories with regard to the antient hiftory and geography
of the countries we propofed to fee.

We met our fhip at Naples in the fpring. She brought from London a
library, confifting chiefly of all the Greek hiftorians and poets, fome books
of antiquities, and the beft voyage writers, what mathematical inftruments

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