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Wood, Robert
The ruins of Palmyra, otherwise Tedmore, in the desart — London, 1753

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E R R R A T A.

AGE ii, note [a] line 13, for reconvert, read reconvenes.
P. ix note [a] line 2, for dro read «Vo. And 1. 5, for Chap, xxi,
read Chap, xxxvi.
P. x, 1. 4, for APIANA, read A$IANA.

Page 2, line 21, for 0/ read to, and Note [«] line 28, dele neverthe-
less. Alfo in note [b] for EAAtHN, read EAAION.

P. 5, note [a] 1. 5, ioxfoutient, read foutiennent'.

P. 6, I. 4, for Cymbia, read Apophyge, Cimbia. Ibid. 1. 21, for Fil-
let. His, read i7///*?/, to ——

P. 7, note [c] 1. 12, for Eujlachius, read Euftathius.

P. 8j note [*/] 1. 13, for ■x.ccK^ivoi, read xaAy^jw without the comma
after it. Ibid. 1. 14, for jcaTao->cgu'a<ro, read xsM-go-jteuafo.

P. 10, note [a] 1. 9, iox en grand* Et, read «z grand, et

P. 16, note [c] 1. 1, for ns, read wj.

P. 27, at the end of note [b] add, Demojlh. contra Leptinem,

Ibid, note [c] 1, 5 dele the comma after ITgKn<rgaTou.

P. 28, note [<z] 1. 12, for o-Tro^w jwiy, read qttquHv kxI

Ibid 1. 13, for toi aJtw, read ToiauTw

P. 30, note [k] 1. 2, for a£ja, read agias*

P. 44, note [a] 1. 16, for but were, read &rf where.

Ibid. 1. 19, for qnelques port ail, read quelque per tail.

P. 51, 1. 29, for ajferting, read advancing.

Fig. 5. Plate VII. Chap. II. the general height of the Volute is by
miftake marked 'i. "9. 066, or 1 Foot, 9 Inches, ■£££? inftead
0P1. "o. 966. or 1 Foot, o Inches,

9 6 6_


Concerning the Meafures marked on the Architectural Plates, it is necefTary to obferve
that after the particulars of a fett of Mouldings had been meafured, the general height of
the Stone on which they are cut was likewife taken, and is marked on the Plates ■ for
which reafon the Reader will frequently find fome fmall difference between the general
height, and the fumm of the particular heights of a fett of Mouldings.

Note alfo, that the lift of Subfcribere names is probably incomplete; becaufe many
Receipts, which our Friends had taken to difpofe of, are not yet returned to us. Thefe
will now be accounted for, ajid a correct ljft Will be printed and delivered to the purcha-
fcis of thi* Volume*