Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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A Thucydides Papyrus from Oxyrhynchus



[«u]toi;? [a] 9r]vawK £awra9

[e]t 7TW? [t]0U K1]pVJ/AUTOS dKOV

35 aavTet \_e~\7rLKKaa6e1eu tt)i

jvco/j.7ji Ta oirXa irapahov

vai km 7)'tt'7]6etev tov Trap

[o;;]to? heiv\o~\v eKr\pv%av Te
40 [et /3o]u\ovtcu Ta oirXa irapahov

vai «a[t] atpa? at)Toi>9 aOrjvai

019 ct?crT6 fiovXevaai oto av e/cet

wi? 8o«?;i 04 Se atcovaavTes

[rra^pi/Kav Ta9 ao-7u8a? ot 7rXet
45 [a-rot] ^at Td9 xetPa<> aveaeicrav

[S?;\oL']t'T[6]9 TrpoaieaOai Ta ice

[Ki)pvy/i\eva \iera he


[ravTa yev\ofj,evr]<; ti]? av'a'
[/ctu^?;? };v]vri\\~\6o\_v~] e\jf\ Xo
50 [70U9 0 re KXecov Kai o §r?]/oto

[ff0e^9 ....
[ wpo]

Col II.


Tep'co'v ap^ovTiov tov fiev
irpcoTov t\_e~\6i>\_rf\K0TQ<i eirbTahov
"/. Tot; ^£7 avTov i,TTTraypeT[p\v


ecpyipijfxevov ev rot? ve/cpois e
5 '/• tt {^"to? Keifxevov to? re

Ov'tj'cotos avTO^ TpiTOS ecp'et,"

Col. I.

38. rjTrrjQiuv : the dot after the second r has been effaced. For the alternative

spelling cf. 1. 4,
40. fiovXavrai: (3ov\oivto, MSS., Bekk.

48. ava<a>xris: so Bekk. with the MSS. j the second spelling aco/cto^s is correct.
Col. II.

1. irporepov. so MSS., Bekk. irporepav was an easy mistake.

4. erjiijiprj/jtaiov: so the MSS. Of the overwritten letters the v is uncertain;

possibly •«• should be read (cf. 1.6); or possibly an original ei has been

converted (by the second hand P) into ev.
6. reBvewTos: the original spelling redvijaros was perhaps due to a reminiscence

of TeOvrjKOTus in 1. 2. e(j»]ipr]p.tvos : so Bekk. with the MSS.; e<peipr)pevas

was the commoner spelling in the third and second centuries n.c.
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