Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1896-1897

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Egypt Exploration Fond.

Col. II.

pijfievo<i apyeiv Kara vo'fii'
fxov ei ii eiceivoi Tracyoiev'


eketje Se o aivcpaiv Kai oi fie
10 '/• T aVT0V 0Tt fdovKovrai SlUKT]

p6VK£v{cr~\aa6ai irpos tou? ev tiji

rjireipwi \a.Ke8ai(J.oviov<;

otl y^pt) <7<£a? 7roieiv Kai e

Keivcop [lev ovSeva acpev
15 rue avjcov he twi> a8rj

vaicov koXovvtcov e/c t?;?

7}7reipo[v] KT]pv/ca<; Kai yevo

/ue^w[i|] ejrepooTrjaecov 'rf Si?

7) rpt? [o r]e\evTaio<s hlair\ev
20 era? au[Tot]? airo to)V etc ti]<; t]

ireipo\_v \\aKehaifioviwv a

a v

vrjp a7r[i;]77ei\e on XaKihai


fioviOL KeXevovai vpas avTovs
■/. nepi vpbwv avTwv f3ov\eve
25 adai prjhev aiaypov ttoiovv

t<2? oi Se Kad eavrov-; f3ou
\euaap.evoi ra oif\.a irapeho
aav Kai cr[(/>]a? avTOVS Kai to-v


tt]v fiev ttjv eviovcrav vv

Col. II.

7. vojujxov : v.l. vouov, which is read by the MSS. and Bekk.

9. eAf£fi*: e'Ae-yc, MSS., Belik. For the original omission and subsequent insertion
of v i$<iKKvoTiKuv cf. IT. 22, 23, III. 14, 16. It has not been added before a
vowel in the case of eixocri, III. 5, 21.

12. rjTretpai : a dot over the e may mean that the letter was intended to be deleted ;
but it is more probably accidental, since it is not repeated in 1. 17 or 1. 21.

18. The reading of the deleted letter transcribed as r) is rather doubtful. There is
no support for it in the MSS. The second of the two points is effaced.

22. For the overwritten v of airrjyyciXfv cf. KeXevovcrw in the following line, and 1. 9,
note. Bekk. reads inrrjyyfiKtv (and KeKevovaiv) with the MSS., which give no
support to the variant a-nrjyyik\t{v)—oi AaKtSaiuovwi, MSS., Bekk.

29. The original omission of rt]v rjfiepav kcu (MSS., Bekk.) after ravrrjv was
apparently due to the repetition of Ttjv. The mistake has been partially
rectified by the insertion of km, though with this reading ravrrju must refer
to vvktci. It is noticeable that the following words kcu rfjv iniovo-av vvkto. are
omitted in K.
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