Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Abchaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


De Eicci notes that M. Maspero was the first who compared the name
of the Shakalsha with that of Sagalassos in Pisidia, 0. L. Z. v. 351.


The indices to Sethe's Verbum have now appeared, forming the third
and last volume of the great work, the body of which appeared in 1899.
The six indices were prepared by Herr Boeder under Prof. Sethe's
guidance, and revised by him. Taken with the elaborate table of contents
in the first volume, they render reference to this large and complicated
work easy, besides conveying valuable information in themselves.

Griffith has contributed an article on the Egyptian language to the
supplementary volume xxvii. of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Maspero continues his remarkable studies a travers la vocalisation
Egyptienne, Sec- xxiii. 48, 172.

Piehl comments on the articles in Part ii. of the A. Z. xxxviii.,
Sphinx, v. 123 ; on the text of the leather roll of Berlin, ib. 202 ; reviews
Max Muller's Liebespoesie, ib. 221; and writes on the stela of Naucratis,
giving new readings of the puzzling text, ib. vi. 89.

Sethe corrects the reading of a passage in the Westcar Papyrus
(" three crowns " instead of " royal crowns "), A. Z. xxxix. 85 ; also of a
passage in the story of Sanehat, ib. 87.

Spiegelbeeg discusses the reading and etymology of the titles rpa and
ha, Bee. xxiii. 200; a passage in the Ebers papyrus, ib. xxiv. 33; the
prefix re, ib. 32 ; the particle nhmn, ib. 34; the verb nmfy, " wander,"
Sphinx, v. 190; quotes some demotic groups in illustration of Coptic,
Rec. xxiii. 204, and contributes notes on the text of the second tale of
Khamuas, P. S. B. A. xxiii. 252.

Von Calice considers rdy and dy, both meaning "give," to be but one
verb in different irregular forms, A. Z. xxxix. 75.

Loret writes on the etymology of the title abh of a priest, Sphinx,
v. 148.

Breasted gives the meaning ot words and phrases, hrt " cliff-tomb "
kat-ab, V "do" in sense of " visit" a country, wa r "begin to," "be about
to," P. 8. B. A. xxiii. 236.


Griffith has contributed an article on the Egyptian writing to the
supplementary volume xxvii. of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
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