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Egypt Exploration Fund [Editor]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Kenyon, Frederic George: Progress of Egyptology: graeco-roman Egypt,1901-1902
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Crum, Walter E.: Progress of Egyptology: christian Egypt
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Progress of Egyptology.

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1. Biblical. Lagarde's edition of the Bohairic Pentateuch might have
been expected to satisfy the requirements of critics. In connection
with the great Cambridge Septuagint, the publication of which is about to
begin, Mr. A. E. Brooke has had occasion to revise the evidence, and he
has shown1 with little difficulty, that, far from so doing, the German edition
takes no account of the two best MSS. (Rome and Paris). These have,
strange to say, lain all but unused hitherto, though in age they far
excel all others. Mr. Brooke has collated specimen chapters of each book
in the eight extant MSS., which fall, he finds, into two groups, neither
monopolizing the true readings. He points to the importance which an
edition of the two old MSS. would have for the Greek text. In the mean-
time he finds Wilkins's print in this respect as valuable as Lagarde's.

The acquisition of the dilapidated remains of an ancient vellum Psalter
by the Berlin Museum was announced in Aeg. Zeitschr. xxviii. 62.
Prof. Rahlfs, in his study of the Greek text, had his attention called
to this MS., and he has now produced a very laborious and elaborate
edition of the fragments.2 He regards them as older than the oldest
hitherto known vellum MSS. in Coptic, and would place them at about
400 a.d. His edition contains a number of valuable observations on the
palaeography of this and other early MSS., on the grammar and syntax
of the text, and on the dialect, which is Sa'idic with a few archaic or
Achmimic forms. In word-division the system of Stern is preferred to
that of Steindorff. Dr. C. Schmidt has written an appreciative notice of
the work.3

M. Jouguet announces the interesting discovery of some fragments of
the Revelation in the Fayyumic dialect. He gives no futher details.3"

Dr. Schmidt has likewise reviewed Dr. Budge's Psalter (v. Arch.
Report for 1898-99, p. 52) and given a list of emendations and corrections.4