Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Bissing suggests tliat the Syria in the Sinuhe story (as restored by
Gardiner) appears as a country in a state of civilisation so low as to be
incredible if the short chronology of Meyer is correct. Bee. de Trav.
xxix. 186.


G. Lagier has written an elaborate article on ISTo-Amon for Vigouroux'
Dictionnaire de la Bible, and another on Pelusium.

Newberry publishes topographical notes recording native names of
tombs, etc., on the West Bank of Thebes, taken from Bonomi's papers in
the Hay MSS. at the British Museum. Ann. vii. 78.

The second livraison has appeared of Baraize's great survey of the
Theban cemeteries {Plan des necropoles Thebaines). The first was published
in 1904.

Jequier suggests that (Qa)rbana, Eabana, named in connection with the
Libyan invasion in the time of Barneses III., is to be recognised in the
Wady Baian south of the Eaiyum. Bee. de Trav. xxix. 4.

Spiegelberg collects material for the history of the temple of Harkhen-
techthai at Athribis. Bee. de Trav. xxix. 53.

ERman shows that "the Boads of Horus" is a name for the nome of
which Zaru was the capital, on the N.E. frontier. Sethe would distinguish
from this a similar name occurring in texts of the XVIIIth Dynasty.
A.Z. xliii. 72.

Foreign Eelations.

Europe, Crete, and Cyprus. It has been ascertained that the deposit of
Egyptian neolithic implements on the lie de Bio near Marseilles, referred
to in the last Beport, p. 39, is modern, a practical joke practised on an
antiquary. C.B. 1907, p. 227.

Spiegelberg discusses words borrowed from Egyptian in older Greek,
especially words belonging to linen and other industries, ftvaaos, oOovlov,
(a-ivhwv not admitted), viTpov: also oaa^, e[3evo<;, kcovco-^ (?), £<,(£o9 (?).
Zcits. f. vergl. Spracliforschung xli. 127.

Busch in his doctorial dissertation De Serapide et Iside in Graecia cultis
studies the cult of these two divinities in Greece, especiaBy before the
Boman conquest, relying especially on the evidence of inscriptions.

A chapter on the influence of Egyptian beliefs and Isis worship forms
an important part of Prof. Cumont's deeply interesting survey of Les
Beligions orientales dans le Paganismc romain.
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