Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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No. 25. — 'Iepeo)? I 'AiroXKmvo^ | AtjXlov.
C. I. A. 270 : V. 30. Date : Not before Hadrian.
The seat of the Priest of the Delian Apollo.

Little is known of the worship of the Delian Apollo at Athens, or
of the time of its introduction. It was probably not of an early
date, however. There is no record of a temple. Mommsen dis-
cusses the question in his remarks on the ©apyyjXia (Heor., p. 50) ;
Die Thargeliendarbringung war in alterer Zeit nicht stadtisch. So
lange Athen mit Apoll bloss durch die lockeren Bande der Amphic-
tyonie in Bezug stand, scheint ihm wenig eingeraumt zu sein. Hatte
die Stadt damals den (delischen) Apoll recipirt, so wiirde sie ein
Delion gehabt haben und ein altes Priesteramt des delischen Apoll.
See No. 34.

No. 26. —'lepocjidvTov.
C. I. A. 271 : V. 31. Date : Not before the second century a.d.
The seat of the Hierophant.

See Sch., Gr. Alt., II. p. 382 : Zunachst aus dem Geschlechte
der Eumolpiden der Hierophantes, dessen Amtsname schon andeutet,
dass ihm oblag den eingeweihten die geheimnissvollen Heiligthiimer
dieses Cultus (des eleusinischen) zu zeigen. Ohne Zweifel hatte er
dabei auch liturgische Gesiinge anzustimmen.

The office of the Hierophant was one of the most important of
those connected with the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Excellent treatment of the subject of the mysteries generally and
of this office is to be found in M., Heor., p. 233.

Kep/a? 2. RIGHT.

No. 27. — 'lepecos J Aio? HovXaiov | kcu WOrjvas | Bo^Xat'a?.

C. I. A. 272 : V. 22. Date : Not before Hadrian.

The seat of the Priest of Zeus Boulaios and Athena Boulaia.
These were the guardian divinities of the BovXrj, and their altar was
in the BovXevr-i'/piov. When the senator entered upon his duties, he
made an offering to these divinities, known as the eicm-^pia. Paus.,
I. 3, 4 ; Dem. 19, 190. Cf. Welck., Gr. Gotterl., II. p. 2063 and
C. I. A., III. 683.
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