Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, projected by
the Archaeological Institute of America, and organized under the
immediate auspices of some of the leading American colleges, was
opened on October 2, 1882. It occupies a house on the 'OSo? 'A/j,a-
Atas, in a convenient and healthy quarter of Athens. A large room
is set apart for the use of the students, is lighted in the evening, and
is warmed in cold weather. In it is kept the library of the School,
which includes a complete set of the Greek classics, and the most
necessary books of reference for philological, archaeological, and
architectural study in Greece. The library contains at the present
time about 2000 volumes, exclusive of sets of periodicals.

The advantages of the School are offered free of expense for tui-
tion to graduates of colleges co-operating in its support, and to other
American students deemed by the committee of sufficient promise to
warrant the extension to them of the privilege of membership.

The School is unable to provide its students with board or lodg-
ing, or with any allowance for other expenses. It is hoped that the
Archaeological Institute may in time be supplied with the means of
establishing scholarships. In the meantime, students must rely
upon their own resources, or upon scholarships which may be granted
them by the colleges to which they belong. The amount needed for
the expenses of an eight months' residence in Athens differs little
from that required in other European capitals, and depends chiefly
on the economy of the individual.

A peculiar feature of the present temporary organization of the
School, which distinguishes it from the older German and French
schools at Athens, is the yearly change of director. That the director
should, through all the future history of the School, continue to be
sent out under an annual appointment is an arrangement which srouid
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