Abney, William de Wiveleslie
Thebes and its five greater temples — London, 1876

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Our final view of this court is the angle formed by the northern and
eastern corridors, in the interior of which is a small gloomy chamber.
The means of illuminating this chamber by daylight is but small, there
being only one large opening, looking into the eastern colonnade, left
for the purpose. To examine the hieroglyphics within, it is almost
necessary to have resort to artificial light, as they are very indistinct,
owing to the walls being blackened from the fires of its latest inhabitants.
There is nothing finer in Thebes than this colonnaded court; though
not so striking or magnificent as the Grand Hall of Karnak, yet there
is a something indescribable about it, which recalls it to our thoughts
more frequently than any other site that we visited.
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