Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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The blending of all manifestations of spiritual thought and attainment
is not only the dream of the idealist; it is the earnest desire of all mankind.
Never before in the history of the world, have all people been so eager to
unite in peaceful, spiritual relations; never was religion more valued than in
the present day, for it is now better understood than ever before that there
must be a spiritual basis to all the forces that move the world, otherwise
man's strongest efforts are wasted, and his best powers enslaved. A definite
religion is a necessity for human well-being; to inspire high and righteous morals
and to give undying impetus to man's noblest aims; and aided by science and
philosophy, it will ever seek to draw nearer to the truth.

It should in no wise be forgotten that science is one of the surest ways
of strengthening faith and inspiring devotion. It raises humanity mentally
and physically to higher spheres. It reveals the unity of force and matter,
as far as we can penetrate, throughout the universe, as well as the great truth
of the essential unity of all things. It is certain that politics and art will be
inspired by it, and that humanity will learn to feel more definitely God working-
through man; for when he is found to exist and give all power from within,
then he is seen and felt through the deeper senses of the soul, and is under-
stood in all human efforts and in all visible things. Science, more completelv
than philosophy, proves the power of God, and brings us more directly into
contact with it; therefore we must accept scientific facts. Science strengthens
our faith, and reveals ever more clearly the laws governing the inscrutable
power which is objectified in ourselves and in all external phenomena. We
live in an age of science. Nothing that it produces but was foreseen by the
Creator. Through science new light and assurance are given to man, and,
as his faith increases, so does his consciousness of being part of the eternal
energy that gives life to the universe.

We live, not in an age of miracles, but of miraculous accomplishments, and
in so far as these are beneficial to all mankind, so are they righteous and God
given. These miraculous accomplishments carry with them the objective proof
of the divine power. It is therefore for us to welcome every forward step,
both for ourselves, and for our posterity, whose inheritance will be enriched
by our work.

The acknowledged need of collaboration in scientific research, indeed, in
all human endeavours, compels us to have recourse to centralisation. By this
means all human efforts and needs can be minutely examined and considered,
and all the discords in man's conception of the deity eliminated, and an ulti-
mate harmony reached that will draw us all towards a higher and nobler

Towards this higher existence, through the eternal gates that separate
the finite soul from the Infinite, all mankind must pass and approach the divine
presence as a single unity, even as they were conceived from the beginning.
Their strength comes through love and unity. They are guided on the path of
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