Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1895-1896

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


irritating than the most unjustifiable publications issued at the private
risk of author or publisher.

The resuscitation of one magazine devoted to Egyptology and the
inauguration of another, call for notice. The Revue Egyptoloyique, after
five volumes had appeared with commendable regularity, suddenly be-
came intermittent in 1887, and the sixth volume remained incomplete
until 1892. The seventh volume began in the same year and continued
in 1893, after which nothing more was forthcoming, and we judged the
publication dead. But at length, in 1896, we have the final livraisons of
the volume. It would be a pity that a magazine which began so well
should be allowed to expire, but it is clearly in an unsatisfactory condition
from a scientific point of view. Some of the articles have been con-
fessedly in type for many years : let us hope that this old and mostly un-
worthy materia] has been worked off, and that Professor Revillout, who
signs almost every article contained in the later numbers, will give us
new and valuable contributions from the Demotic treasures of the Louvre,
leaving the treatment of hieroglyphic and hieratic texts to specialists who
are each year becoming more numerous. The Sphinx is a most welcome
addition to the machineiy of Egyptology. Professor Piehl, its accom-
plished editor, is to be congratulated on having obtained the munificent
aid of M. Cederlund, by which the financial difficulties associated with
such an undertaking are definitely removed. The programme proposes
to embrace the whole domain of Egyptology in articles of some length,
taking chiefly the form of critical reviews. Hieroglyphic and other special
types are not spared, so that the articles can appear in their most useful
form. Among the contributors to the first number of this new magazine
are the veteran Georg Ebers, the French Egyptologist Lefebure, and
Sjoberg, a Swedish student, whose article is careful and gives good
promise for the future ; while Professor Piehl himself is lavish of good

Excavations and Explorations.1

Good fortune has again attended Professor Flinders Petrie's excava-
tions, conducted as they are with method and guided by the keenest
insight. In the course of his work on the West bank of Thebes he has
identified the sites of the funerary temples of Amenhetep II.,

1 Much of the information under this heading is obtained from Professor Sayee's
interesting " Letters from Egypt," published in the Academy. M. Salomon
Beinacli's annual Chronique d'Orient in the Revue Archiologique includes a most
valuable summary of discoveries, &c, in Egypt.
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