Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1895-1896

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Coptic Studies.


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1. Biblical and Apocryphal. Dr. A. Sehulte lias during the past year
published the continuation to his previous critical studies on the Coptic—
or more exactly, the Bohairic—version of the Old Testament.1 He has
examined the texts of the Minor Prophets printed by Tattam, as con-
trasted with the Greek of the God. Vaticanus, and has in several cases been
thus enabled to suggest emendations of the latter text. He has found the
Bohairic version to be on the whole accurate, without any slavish imita-
tion of the Greek text from which it was made, and which he holds to be
itself lost, though related to one of the extant groups. Dr. Sehulte
gives useful lists of the different classes of divergencies between the
versions, and also of the Greek words to be found in the Coptic text. It
seems a pity that use should not have now been made of the various,
often considerable, remnants of the Sa'idic version of these books pub-
lished by Ciasca and Maspero since the appearance of Dr. Schulte's
earlier work.

The title of the short, descriptive paper which has appeared in the
Notices et Extraits? might lead one to expect a work of greater extent
than that which M. Amelineau has given us, and which turns out to be
an elaborate description of some half-dozen fragments of the New
Testament from the enormous collection procured for the Paris library
from Akhmim. These fragments are chiefly of interest from the fact of
their containing not only the Sa'idic, but also the parallel Greek
passages. The latter should of themselves attract attention, since so
very little is known, and still less has been printed, of Greek texts from
such sources. M. Amelineau's description of the MSS. themselves are
most exhaustive,and deal minutely with palaeographical questions. Among
the first words in the paper is the announcement that the author has
already catalogued the whole collection—an achievement which we trust
will be followed by its early publication.
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