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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


At Philae, Captain Lyons, while surveying for the Egyptian Govern-
ment in connexion with the Nile Eeservoir scheme, has done much
excavation, clearing up a temple of Augustus on the north and the great
colonnade on the south, a temple built by the rebel King Hornezatef,
contemporary with Ptolemy V., and a Ptolemaic temple of the local god
Arihesnefer. Herr L. Borchardt, a Berlin architect and Egyptologist,
has spent most of the winter with Captain Lyons. Their chief discovery
has been a trilingual inscription of Cornelius Gallus, in hieroglyphs,
Latin and Greek.

At Abydos, M. Amelineau has discovered inter alia a large tomb which
proved to be that of the eldest son of Shashanq I., a statue dedicated by
Usertesen I. to his predecessor Sankhkara Mentuhetep of the Xlth
Dynasty, and, most wonderful of all, the tombs of Thinite kings of a
very remote period, apparently that of the first three dynasties. They
are identified by statues and jar sealings inscribed with royal /ca-names.
(Les nonvelles foidllcs d'Abydos, Angers, 1896.)

At Lisht, M. Gautier, in investigating the surroundings _ '' " ■ 11
pyramid in 1894-5, discovered some fine limestone statues EL
L, and an exquisitely worked altar of black granite dcdic = "
of the same king, who was evidently the builder of thepyi=_
Arche'ologique, xxviii. 36, preliminary account with illustrati E ™

Professor Sayce and Mr. Wilbour found a necropolis mt E_
Kum Ombo. At Kum er Resras, on the west bank a 1E ^
Silsileh, they discovered a temple to Isis built by Domitian -

At El Kab, Mr. Somers Clarke has continued his labouE °
and surveying. E

The sebakh-diggers of Elephantine have uncovered a grafl E
ankh, of the IVth: Dynasty. At Aswan some inscribed pedes -
imperial statues have been uncovered.

— 00

We must also mention Mr. Newberry's work in the Theb -
He has catalogued the tombs of 'Abd el Qurneh, has diE"
copied many new inscriptions of great importance, and tra -
of interesting scenes. His most valuable discovery is, pet =T
two fragmentary duplicates of the great inscription whit =—
duties of the Vizier of Upper Egypt, as given in the text of E-
which latter, moreover, he has made a thorough revision. E-^

It is reported that a French Society connected wit =-
Guimet has been organized for the purpose of exploratii =S
Last season M. Gayet was commissioned by this SocietiE.
at Antinoe. The result has been the discovery o =_J2








= E

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