Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1895-1896

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Burton and preserved in the British Museum ; Griffith, Mg. Zeit.
xxxiii. p. 125.

Temple of Khonsu. Revised copy of a text of Osorkon I.; Dakessy, de Trav. xviii. p. 51.

From west bank—

Medinet Habit. A list of deities with the centres of their cults, from
the great temple of Barneses III. Prenomen of Shepenapt, queen of
Psemtek I., from her chapel; Dakessy, Ilea, de Trav. xvii. p. 118.

Deir el Bahri. The first part of the great publication by M. Naville,
containing the inscriptions of the N.W. portion of the Upper Platform.
M. Naville also publishes three remarkable inscriptions of Queen
Hatshepsut from the same temple in liec. de Trav. xviii. p. 91.

From Lower Egypt—

Saqqarah. Texts from the tomb of Kagemni; Steindorfe, Mg. Zoit.
xxxiii. p. 70.

Sais. Inscription on statue of Saite period; Dakessy, liec. de Trav.
xvii. p. 114.

Of other hieroglyphic inscriptions, which have been published as a rule
without indication of their provenance, we may note the following from
museums :—

Gizeh. Daressy, Bee. de 'Trav. xvii. p. 114; xviii. p. 46; mytho-
logical texts, etc., and others relating to the royal family of the XXIIud

Louvre. Schaefer, 2Eg. Zeit. xxxiii. p. 101 ; inscription of the
Ethiopian King Asperuta, a careful edition with translation. Baillet,
JEg. Zeit. xxxiii. p. 127; corrections of copies of inscription on Sa'ite
statue A 93. Bevillout, Rev. Egypt, vii. p. Ill; stelae of the XXIInd,
XXVth, and XXVIth Dynasties.

Berlin. Baron von Turajeff, JEg. Zeit. xxxiii. p. 123; Hymn to
Thoth, well edited.

Athens. Mallet, Bee. de Trav. xviii. 1 ; a number of inscriptions
from the important Demetrio collection, including the inscription of
King Tafnekht,

The Hague. Spiegelberg, Sammlung des Museums Meermanno-
Westreenianum : all the texts of this small collection.

Palermo. Professor Pellegrini has done a great service by publishing
a careful copy of the tablet of Palermo, one of the most extraordinary

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