Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1895-1896

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies. Etc.


latter is now almost complete. The Professor has published a good
facsimile in Les Papyrus du Lac Moeris, with a brief introduction. It
would be interesting to know on what grounds be places with it the
fragment with the cartouche of Ptolemy IX. and the name of the god
Socnopaeus of Dime, but he promises to give a further account of the
papyrus shortly.


A few texts in Spiegelberg's publication of the Hague collection.

Some early documents from the age of Bocchoris and onwards;
Revillout, Bev. Eg. vii. p. 111.

"Prayers for the deceased," Revillout, Rev. Eg. vii. p. 164, and
numerous texts by the same writer in Melanges sur la metrologie, Ve'conomie
politique, et Vhistoire de Vaneicnne Egypte.


After an interval of one year, the second volume of Professor Maspero's
Histoire, Ancienne des Peuples de I'Orient has begun to appear in weekly
parts, and with the sub-title " Les premieres Melees des peuples." It opens
with an account of the early Chaldean expeditions in Syria and
the conquest of Egypt by the Hyksos. The rule of the Hyksos is next
described, and their eventual expulsion from Egypt, then the state of
Syria at the time of the first military expeditions from Egypt and tho
commencement of the XVIIIth Dynasty. It is unnecessary here to enlarge
on this stupendous work, which will doubtless soon be in the hands of all
our readers.

Elsewhere the same writer discusses the Greek and monumental lists
of the first five dynasties, and concludes that the Greek lists are to a
considerable extent unauthentic ; Bee. de Trav. xvii. p 121.

Daressy, Bsc. de Trav. xvii. p. 113, gives a list of the names of the
" funerary-temples " (? obelisks or shrines of Ra), of kings of the Vth
Dynasty collected from the mastabas. The list contains some surprises,
and one would like to see the evidence for the new attributions.

Steindorff, /Eg. Zeit. xxxiii. p. 77, examines the history of the Men-
tuheteps and Antefs. All these kings have hitherto been attributed to the
Xlth Dynasty, and to this the writer would still ascribe the Mentuheteps,
but several of the Antefs he removes to the Xlllth Dynasty. For one of
them, Nubkkeper-ra, the evidence which is advanced for a Xlllth
Dynasty date seems incontrovertible, and strong probabilities are shown
that some of the other Antefs also belonged to that dynasty. As criteria

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