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The Temple of Deie el Bahari.



At Deir e] Bahari the work carried on by the Egypt Exploration
Fund has consisted for the most part of repairing the shaky walls and
replacing the sculptured stones wherever the positions to which they
respectively belonged could be ascertained. The western extremity of
the Temple butts hard against the vertical cliff forming the head
of the valley. A wall with niches therein forms a casing to the
foot of the cliff. In consequence of landslips and perhaps earthquake
disturbance, this wall had been terribly dislocated and in part over-
thrown. Some repair was executed in Ptolemaic times, and much very
clumsy patching was done when the place was made into a Coptic
Monastery. Behind the wall thus patched was a quantity of loose stone,
whilst the lower courses of it were honeycombed with tombs. Under
the unceasing care of Mr. Howard Carter the difficult job of repairing
this wall and re-establishing it on a firm base has been successfully
carried out.

The floor of the Upper or Western Court has now been completely
cleared, and it can be seen that a colonnade ran all round it.

The side walls of this court are now re-instated as far as the replace-
ment of the sculptured stones permits. At the south end of the Middle
Colonnade, the north end of the facade of the Hathor Speos has been
rebuilt (the sculptured stones had been scattered in all directions), and
the few stones illustrating the expedition to Punt are now built in solid.
The columns of this colonnade yet remain to be set up.

The stones on which is sculptured the moving of the obelisks, and
which formed the back of the lower colonnade, are now in place, and
here again the columns have yet to be set up. These things being
done, the roof for protecting the sculptures and colour from the glare of
the sun can be gone on with.

Whilst Mr. Carter has been looking after these works of repair, Mr.
Sillem has continued the work of preparing further drawings for

The excavations carried on by M. Naville have now shown us that the
real plan of the Temple differed very materially from that published by
Mariette, and it has become necessary that completely new plans, eleva-
tions, and sections should be made. These have been most carefully
done by Mr. C. R. Peers, and will presently be prepared for publication.

Somers Clarke.