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Coptic Studies.


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1. Biblical. The Bohairic Psalter has once again been republished, this
time at the expense of the patriarch, by Prof. Labib and the Bishop of
Siut.1 The text is printed from a text prepared some time since by the
hegumenos El-Mas'udi. The edition is designed for Church use, and
therefore, like that of Tuki, includes the Odes—here 23 in all, while Tuki
gave but 15, properly so called (v. Hyvernat, Etude sur les Versions).
The present collection gives, after the 3rd of Isaiah, Lam. v. 16—22
Bar. ii. 11—15, I. Kl xviii. 36—39, I. Chron. xxix. 10—13, I. Ki.'
viii. 22—30, and after the Song of Simeon, the whole of Susanna. The
Arabic version, of course, accompanies the Coptic.

In this connexion it may be mentioned that Dr. Budge's edition of the
Sa'idic Psalter, according to the splendid British Museum MS. Or. 5000