Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Peogress of Egyptology.

Qa. Great stele, Abydos. Tomb 18 x 9 cubits. Ebony board
carved and inlaid. Piece of vase.

Mer-sed (?). Tomb and great stele, Abydos.

Za. Great tomb and finest stele from Abydos. Two ebony figures.

KhA-sekhem, with personal name Besh. Two statues and.three great
vases. Hierakonpolis.

Nar-mee. Great slate and mace head, both with scenes, Hierakonpolis.
Piece of vase, Abydos

Kha-sekhemui. Great tomb 100 x 20cubits; great vases, alabaster,
blue glaze, copper vessels, axes, and chisels, Abydos. Granite jamb,
Hierakonpolis. Piece of diorite bowl (Petrie coll.). Birthday noted on
Palermo stone.

Hotep-mee-sekhem (?). Piece of vase in tomb of Kha-sekhemui. On
back of statue No. 1, Ghizeh.

Ra-neb. On back of statue No. 1, Ghizeh.

Netee-en. On back of statue No. 1, Ghizeh. Palermo stone.

Netee-kha, Personal name, Zesee. Step pyramid Saqqara. Inscrip-
tion at Sinai.

Nepee-hon. Alabaster block (Petrie).

Smee-ab-pee-en-sen. Clay sealing (Petrie).

Kiia-ba ; Golden Horus name, Art-zedef; clay sealing (Petrie).

Sekhem-ehau. Clay sealing (Petrie).

Sue-khau. Clay sealing (Petrie).

Sahu. Clay sealing, Nubt.

Of these twenty-two kings six are only known from Abydos, and
five are only known from clay sealings. No doubt when the mass of
fragments gathered together by M. Amelineau come to be made public,
much more information may be gleaned; and when the pottery of all
the tombs at Abydos is thoroughly studied comparatively and with the
pottery from other sites, we shall be on the high road to some orderly
classification, which is as yet impossible. Here I have only attempted a
general sequence from vague considerations, classing together those
kings of whom the remains are alike ; and this list is a mere bulletin
of known names which may, we hope, be soon superseded by fresh

W. M. Flinders Petrie.
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