Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Progress of Egyptology.

Plan of the temple of Apt, indices to the inscriptions, &c, a useful
completion of the monograph on this little temple in Rochemonteix,
CEuvres j Baillet, Bee. de Tr. xx. 100.

An enlarged edition of Bissing's Bonn dissertation of 1896 on the
Statistical Table, made after collation of the texts of this great record
of Thothmes III., part of which was removed to tbe Bibliotheque
Nationale. Bissing, Die Statistische Tafel von Karnalc, reviewed by
Max Muller, Or. Litt. Zeit. 177, Piehl, Sphinx If. 108.

Texts of two granite stelae found by Legrain in excavating in the
great court of Karnak near the temple of Sety II., Dyns. XXI.-XXVI.,
with translation by Erman {A. Z. xxxv. 12, 19). The first text is a decree
of Amen confirming the lands of a high priest of Amen and governor of
Upper Egypt named Auarmeth (?) to his son Khaenuast. The farms,
trees, slaves, &c, are enumerated in detail with the prices paid for them.
Erman in his remarks on the inscription (p. 19 et seqq.) points out that it
is practically the will of the high priest, sanctioned by the god. About
400 acres were bought for less than 100 oz. of silver, and thirty-two
men and women for less than 50 oz., so that a serf or slave was worth
about six acres of land, which seems a high valuation.

Medinet Habu. Texts of the XVTIIth Dyn. and texts on the pylons
preceding the chapels of Ameniritis Shapenapt and Nitocris; Daressy,
Bee. de Tr. xx. 72.

Ramesseum. Stela of Amenhetep III., published in Petrie's Six Temples,
on the back of which is Merenptah's " Israel inscription " : with transla-
tion and commentary, Spiegelberg, Bee. de Tr., xx. 37 ; cf. Or. Litt.
Zeit. 156-7.

Der el Bahri. Additions and corrections to the important inscrip-
tions from Der el Bahri published in Rec. de Tr. xviii. 91 ; Naville,
Bee. de Tr. xix. 209.

Kurneh. Three chapters of the Book of the Dead belonging to one
Se.aa, inscribed on linen wrapping; from an XVIIIth Dyn. grave;
Daressy, Bee. de Tr. xx. 72.

First part of a memoir on the tomb of Sennefer, the ceiling of which is
beautifully decorated with paintings of vines; Virey, Bee. de Tr.xx. 211.

Der el Gebrawi (Beni Muhammed el Kufur). Inscriptions from the
tombs, completing a previous contribution; Sayce, Bee. de Tr. xx. 169.

Eshmunen. Inscription on altar ; Daressy, Bee. de Tr. xx. 86.

Sakkareh. The scenes and inscriptions from the tomb of Ptahhetep,
copied by Miss Pirie and Miss Paget, published in Quibell's Bamesseum.

Kaha (near Benha); Daressy, Bee. de Tr. xx. 85.
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