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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Pbogress of Egyptology.

A general survey of the whole field of papyrus study, but with special
reference to the non-literary papyri, is given in the address delivered by
Prof. Wilcken to the Congress of Philologists at Dresden last autumn.2
It is a most interesting and suggestive resume of the subject by one
who will be generally recognized as the foremost authority upon it; and
his suggestions for the future organization of the study deserve careful
attention. Particularly noticeable is Prof. Wilcken's warm invitation
to otlier scholars to enter this field of research. Some specialists are
jealous of any intruders into their own particular domain ; it is the mark
of a master to welcome all new comers, where there is room for all and
plenty of good work to be done. Discoveries such as those which have
been pouring in of late only emphasize the truth of this universal prin-
ciple. Among the means for the furtherance of the study of papyri
recommended by Prof. "Wilcken was the establishment of a special
periodical dealing with the subject, which would both serve as a natural
medium for the publication of texts and of articles bearing upon such
texts, and would also keep account of such publications in other
periodicals. It is satisfactory to know that this scheme is well on the
way towards fulfilment. It is announced that an Jjichw^fiir^JPajjyrus-
forschung is to begin to appear in 1899, under the editorship of Prof.
Wilcken himself, and with the co-operation of nearly all the principal
students of papyri in England and on the Continent. We wish pros-
perity to the new venture, and to all work connected with the subject,
during the coming year.

E. G-. Kenyon.


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